Maya Hawke brings her own bra to photoshoots

Maya Hawke brings her own bra to photoshoots because stylists often forget to bring underwear for "women with boobs".

The 25-year-old 'Stranger Things' star opened up about her issues during an installment of GQ’s '10 Things I Can’t Live Without' series revealing she has a trusty black bra that travels everywhere with her because she doesn't want to be forced to wear ill-fitting underwear when she's in front of the cameras.

She explained: "When you’re working in this industry you often have to put on clothes that are not your clothes.

"People often forget to bring clothes that work for women with boobs, or bras for women with boobs, so I’ve learned that you must bring your own."

She added of her favourite black bra: "This is the perfect bra. It’s perfect. It’s supportive. It gives you differentiation and shape. It has no underwire but it doesn’t make that uni-boob effect. It’s just a perfect bra."

Maya - who is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke - has seen her career take off in recent years since landing a role in hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things'.

She was later cast in Wes Anderson's film 'Asteroid City' opposite Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston and Bill Murray and admitted she found it to be an "intimidating" experience.

She told the 'Backstage' podcast: "Getting to try something impossible is kind of freeing, you know? Versus having to sort of try to master - being asked to do something simple where you're like, 'Oh, no, I'm going to mess this up'.

"I felt that the impossible task that was asked of me was, you know, these people are all so intimidating and so talented, and to enter that environment as a new person, as a young person, as a person without that much experience, and to come in with confidence and to not worry that I was going to ruin the film, which very quickly I realised was actually impossible once I got there, because Wes is so masterful in the orchestra conduction of everything that you couldn't ruin it if you tried your hardest."