Maya Rudolph Delivers the ‘Mother’ of All ‘SNL’ Monologues with Drag Ball Themed Extravaganza

For her third round of hosting duties on “Saturday Night Live,” “Mother” Maya Rudolph did not disappoint. Having been a cast member from 2000 to 2007, Rudolph is well acquainted with that 30 Rock stage, and has played a litany of memorable characters. In honor of Mother’s Day, current “SNL” cast-mates Sarah Sherman and Bowen Yang joined Rudolph onstage to honor her legacy and declare her a true “Moth-errr”.

“You’re a 30 Rock legend,” Sherman said. “You’ve had your foot on our necks since Y2K.”

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Rudolph was disbelieving of this praise at first, but Yang quickly interjected to second Sherman’s claim.

“You were the first to slay the house down boots queen!” he exclaimed to Rudolph.

“You have achieved extra-terrestrial mother status!” said Sherman.

“Me? Mother?” questioned Rudolph. “You’re right.”

Cue a pumpin’ beat and Kenan Thompson in a Law Roach-inspired wig, holding a tiny purse in one hand and a mic in the other, to introduce the “Mother of the House of Rockefeller.” Cutting back to the stage, Rudolph donned a shimmering body suit, surrounded by fan-wielding backup dancers, ready to slay.

“I’m. Your. Mother.” Rudolph confidently proclaimed not once, but three times, then continued to sing as the dancing commenced, “Oops. I made you dance. Remember in that movie when I pooped my pants? When you were a baby, you pooped your pants and I changed your diaper. I’m. Your. Mother.”

Rudolph continued dishing out stellar rhymes as she danced her way through the “SNL” backstage, where other cast-mates were waiting to offer worship. Towards the middle of the sketch, Punkie Johnson informed Rudolph, “I have a message from the gays. The monologue? It’s giving…body-ody-ody.”

With a snap and a hair-flip, Johnson was off and Rudolph was treated to scores of “10,” “10,” and “I’m gagged.” As the cast got in formation behind Rudolph, they descended back into the studio to take the stage with her for a finish more reminiscent of a Beyoncé concert than an “SNL” sketch. With force and command, Rudolph rhymed, “Giving gorgeous, serving pretty, they did it live from New York City. I’m. Your. Mother.”

Never has a mothering been this mother. Watch the entire monologue below.

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