Single artist, 50, plans to plaster 15,000 posters around New York to find a girlfriend

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A bachelor has taken to plastering posters advertising his search for a girlfriend around the streets of New York (Caters)

Not content with any of the modern methods to find love, a single man has taken to plastering posters around New York advertising his search for a partner.

Unlucky in love Dan Perino, 50, is pasting 500 flyers a day around Manhattan, New York, emblazoned with the message ‘Looking for a Girlfriend’.

The posters, which bear his picture and tearable tickets with his mobile number on, have seen him inundated with more than 1,600 calls in over a week.

Dan, who sticks them on walls, lampposts and telephone boxes, said: ‘I'm not desperate - I just want to find a more meaningful relationship.

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‘I have already got a couple of dates lined up thanks to the posters.’

The artist from East Village turned his back on match-making methods such as Tinder and dating sites after being single for two years following the breakup of his marriage.

And in a spur of the moment move, Dan decided to print 500 fliers - which bear the message: ‘I'm really looking for a girlfriend. This is not a joke. Just tired of the singles scene and hoping to meet the right person. I am a professional artist and creative person. You know who you are. To me each and every person is beautiful. Open to the possibility of the relationship morphing into something more profound.’

After he received over 100 calls in the first few hours, and despite a number of prank calls, he pledged to carry on the campaign for a whole month.

It has seen him pound the pavements of districts across Manhattan in search of love.

And he is even being recognised in the street as pictures of his posters are shared across social media.

Dan added: ‘It has been interesting to see the reactions of people. You'd be surprised at the amount of female attention it has drawn.

Unlucky in love Dan Perino, 50, is pasting 500 fliers a day around Manhattan (Caters)

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‘Of course there have been some odd phone calls. But there has been an overwhelming amount of women getting in touch too.

‘My family and friends think I'm crazy, but they see it works. Some days I wake up to hundreds of texts.’

But some women have been less than impressed by the lothario's campaign, with one female New Yorker telling local TV she thought it was ‘kind of weird, and a little scary.’

Dan, who says he has only been in love once and it wasn't to his wife, remains confident his relentless flier campaign will net him the woman of his dreams.

He added: ‘It definitely works, it is just my choosing and pickiness that is holding it up.

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‘I'm abstaining from sex right now because I'm looking for the right girl, not just a sexual encounter - I've had plenty of opportunities for sex over all those phone calls.

‘I thought at first that it would take a week, but I'm hopeful that within a month I'll have found the right girl.’