Mayweather vs Chalmers LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, TV channel, latest updates and reaction

Mayweather vs Chalmers LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, TV channel, latest updates and reaction

Mayweather vs Chalmers LIVE!

Floyd Mayweather went the full eight rounds with Aaron Chalmers in his exhibition bout at the O2 Arena. It was a strange night in London, with ticket sales poor and the event delayed in the misplaced hope that fans would soon arrive en masse. The chief support saw two US reality TV stars engage in a brawl that suggested neither had so much as looked at their boxing gloves in the build-up.

But Mayweather did what Mayweather does, cruising his way through to the eight rounds and putting on a clinic in front of a crowd seemingly largely consisting of his entourage. His trademark head movement was on show and he landed a number of sharp left hooks, though the 50-0 legend never really showed any particular desire to push for a stoppage.

Chalmers increasingly let his hands go as the fight went on, though with very little success, and he will now turn his attention to chasing fights against the likes of Jake Paul, Tommy Fury and KSI.

Mayweather vs Chalmers latest news

  • Mayweather and Chalmers go eight rounds

  • Ingram impresses against Kenna

  • Lovejoy stopped by Zepeda on undercard

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23:42 , Matt Verri

Floyd Mayweather went the full eight rounds with Aaron Chalmers in his exhibition bout at the O2 Arena.

It was a strange night in London, with ticket sales poor and the event delayed in the misplaced hope that fans would soon arrive en masse. The chief support saw two US reality TV stars engage in a brawl that suggested neither had so much as looked at their boxing gloves in the build-up.

But Mayweather did what Mayweather does, cruising his way through to the eight rounds and putting on a clinic in front of a crowd seemingly largely consisting of his entourage.

His trademark head movement was on show and he landed a number of sharp left hooks, though the 50-0 legend never really showed any particular desire to push for a stoppage.

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23:30 , Matt Verri

Mayweather suggested he may well return to the UK for another exhibition.

Got to think that’s unlikely though - poor attendance tonight suggested he’s clearly not the draw he once was.

The Middle East will likely be the destination from now on.

More from Chalmers

23:19 , Matt Verri

“That’s one to tell the grandkids. My win was to get to the eighth round, and that’s why I did.

“Thanks to Floyd and his team, hopefully I’m in the mix for Jake Paul and KSI. That loks good on the resume - eight rounds with Floyd.”

Not the toughest of nights...

23:16 , Matt Verri

Mayweather: UK fans are unbelievable

23:14 , Matt Verri

“I would like to thank all the fans in the UK. The fans are unbelievable.

“This guy is tough as nails, we had a chance to come together. I came to entertain the people and I’m glad I came.

“I have a lot of experience. He has to continue to work hard and believe in himself. He’s got a tough chin - anything is possible.”

Reaction from Chalmers

23:12 , Matt Verri

Plenty of respect between the fighters in the ring. Chalmers has a massive smile on his face.

He says: “He caught us clean in the second round, it woke us up a lot. My right hand was glued to my chin from that point.

“One to tell the grandkids!”

Mayweather vs Chalmers

23:09 , Matt Verri

Round 8

Right. This is actually is the final round.

Chalmers is giving it a real go, throwing from the centre of the ring. Nothing really landing though, Mayweather not troubled.

A lovely right hand from Mayweather, cheers it himself. Briefly leaning back on the ropes, Chalmers looks for a big right but Mayweather sees it coming a mile away.

And that’s the final bell. Clinic from Mayweather, and Chalmers makes it through the eight rounds.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

23:06 , Matt Verri

Round 7

So four more minutes. Will Mayweather look to push things now? Too busy chatting for now, in between gliding around the ring.

Chalmers letting his hands go a bit, couple of decent right hands thrown. Feels like there is slightly more pace in the fight now.

Right hand lands from Mayweather, times it perfectly. Backed up with a jab to the body.

Briefly loses his balance in the final few seconds of the round, Chalmers not close enough to take advantage.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

23:03 , Matt Verri

Round 6

Mayweather still having a full conversation with Chalmers’ corner - “hit me when you want to” he says to the Newcastle man.

He’s going through the gears, mixing between landing the jabs and then just leaning back on the ropes, ducking away from the shots coming his way.

A masterclass from Mayweather, he’s shown no real interest in pushing for a stoppage.

Chalmers lands a few shots here, heading into the final 10 seconds. Good effort.

Hold up - looks like we are going eight rounds after all! Two more to come.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

23:00 , Matt Verri

Round 5

Barely a second of the round has gone by the time Mayweather lands a right uppercut. Still not fully pushing the pace.

Mayweather lunges forward with a right hand, gets a shove back from Chalmers. And now a sharp left hook, Chalmers did not see that coming at all. Big smile on his face though.

More showboating, Mayweather turns his head away and starts talking to someone in the corner. Landing jabs at the same time. And now a 360 swivel, followed by some more dance moves.

He’s loving life.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

22:57 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Will thay little incident get Chalmers going? He is trying to close the distance, but that jab comes snapping in whenever he does.

Chalmers is living himself pretty open on his way forward, Mayweather able to land whatever he wants. Feel like he could end this whenever he wants.

For now, he’s able to land a couple of nice and shots and a few combinations every round. In between, he’s showing that trademark head movement.

And now we do have the dancing in between rounds.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

22:54 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Chalmers vowed to have a real go tonight. No sign of that yet - he’s realised who he’s up against.

Mayweather starting to land more and more clean shoots. Straight right, left hook. Came after Chalmers for once did try and walk forward.

First sign of showboating for Mayweather, enjoying himself as ever. Turns away from a right hand, lands a big shot of his own.

Chalmers unhappy as he gets caught on the ball - had a few words for Mayweather who did not care one bit.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

22:51 , Matt Verri

Round 2

No dancing or press-ups this time from Mayweather between rounds, though he’s not looking too serious.

Another left hook from Mayweather, Chalmers looks to respond with a right but misses by a fair distance. The American still looks so sharp.

Head movement too good for Chalmers so far, Mayweather hasn’t taken a shot so far. On another level, unsurprisingly.

Mayweather vs Chalmers

22:48 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Two left hooks from Mayweather lands in the opening 30 seconds. Smile from Chalmers, but he felt those.

Chalmers moving decently enough, but hasn’t really thrown anything yet. Right uppercut from Mayweather, doesn’t land flush.

Turns out we’re not getting eight rounds - only six now. Mayweather clearly has plans tonight.

22:46 , Matt Verri

We’re ready. Mean it this time, too.

Up and running in this exhibition bout - eight two-minute rounds scheduled!

22:40 , Matt Verri

“Money, money, money, money team.” We’ve basically just had that repeated about 300 times.

Even Mayweather looks bored as he moves around the ring waiting for it to stop. It finally does.

Time for the anthems, then we’ll be up and running.

22:38 , Matt Verri

At last, Mayweather on his way. A few thousand people walking with him - one way to fill all the empty seats.

Safe to say he’s not looking particularly nervous. Not a care in the world as he strolls to the ring.

He has arrived. Chalmers’ wait is over. Almost.

22:36 , Matt Verri

Chalmers has to wait for a fair while in the ring, as we have yet another Mayweather montage.

Even once that’s done, we’ve got a performance in the ring and still no sign of the 50-0 legend. Got to be at least five minutes since Chalmers walked.

Mayweather still standing still backstage.

22:30 , Matt Verri

Chalmers weighed in at 161lbs yesterday. Mayweather, in a private weigh-in (probably his hotel bathroom) came in at 155lbs.

Looks like we won’t have to wait any longer. Chalmers about to make his way to the ring.

Here we go!

Time for the main event!

22:26 , Matt Verri

That shambles is behind us. On we go.

And it’s time for the main event. Mayweather vs Chalmers next up.

Nobody has really been able to touch Mayweather in these exhibition bouts so far - Chalmers the latest man to have a go.

We made it!

22:23 , Matt Verri

We go through it everyone. Dear me.

Natalie Nunn wins by stoppage, or something resembling that, in the second round. Wasn’t really worth the flight for Tommie Lee.

22:22 , Matt Verri

And now it actually is over.

We had about 15 more seconds of Nunn beating Lee up, and that will be that. Lee found it hard enough to face the right way, let alone land a punch.

The referee has waved it off about six times, but Lee is insisting the fight is still going.

“There are some discrepancies on why the fight is being stoppped.” I’d suggest it might be something to do with the fact Lee doesn’t have a clue where she is or what she’s doing.

22:20 , Matt Verri

Well. It’s over.

Nunn comes out for the second round, and the camera turns to Lee lying on the canvas.

Think that might be a fair sign that she’s had enough. Oh, she’s up again and bouncing around.

I would say she’s concussed, but Lee wasn’t exactly looking great before the fight.

Hang on - it’s on! We’re back on! Second round underway.

Nunn vs Lee

22:18 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Phwoar. Some of the finest windmilling you’ll ever see. In the nicest possible way, Lee has no business being in a ring.

Nunn is landing, there’s at least some technique there. Lee is spending most of the time facing the wrong way as she gets beaten up.

What on earth is going on. Again Lee turns the wrong way, she’s holding her arm out like she’s expecting a fist pump.

And that’s the bell. That was... something.

22:15 , Matt Verri

Lovely touch. Announcer is declaring the respective Instagram followers. Don’t know why they didn’t just settle whatever this is based on that to be honest.

Anyway, it’s time to up and running. Anything could happen here. Literally anything.

Lee is waiting to explode.

22:14 , Matt Verri

Nunn much calmer as she strolls to the ring. Very nearly gets tagged as she walks past Lee.

This is going to be absolute chaos. Unfortunately it’s only three minutes. Enjoy it while you can.

Here. We. Go.

22:13 , Matt Verri

The one we’ve been waiting for. Never mind Mayweather, this is where the fun is at. Natalie Nunn vs Tommie Lee.

Tommie Lee got very emotional waiting for her ring walk, had to be calmed down. Decided to instead sprint, and I do mean sprint, to the ring instead.

That was before she was announced, so the music was played as he stood in the ring. Sensational.

22:07 , Matt Verri

Both with their arms raised at the end of that exhibition. Really enjoyable.

Not sure how they both made it to the final bell but they did. Best fight of the nigth by a mile.

Diaz vs Karim

22:05 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Diaz look exhausted in the corner. Two more minutes to go.

And he’s in huge trouble, Karim tagging him now. Great footwork leaves Diaz stumbling to the canvas. Not a knockdown. And now a massive left hook! Diaz did well to take that.

Karim gets Diaz in a headlock, Diaz responds with a left hook of his own as he’s released. Karim didn’t like that at all.

And there’s the final ball. Referee caught Diaz’s right hand as he lined up one more big shot. That was a great bout.

Diaz vs Karim

22:01 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Diaz with a shove to try and earn himself some space, Karim responds with a combination that Diaz definitely felt. Slowing him down well.

That’s a big shot though! Diaz with a lovely shot that snaps Karim’s head back.

This is brilliant, they’re going toe-to-toe in the centre of the ring. Such an impressive pace and they’re keeping it up. Karim goes flying back, straight into the referee.

Diaz vs Karim

21:58 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Very messy at times, shoulders and rugby tackles all over the shop. Some MMA instincts kicking in.

Karim picking his shots well, even if it is somewhat wild. Diaz is looking to just march forward and swing for the hills, not much subtlety. Good uppercut there form him.

There’s the bell, halfway stage of the bout. Very enjoyable so far.

Diaz vs Karim

21:55 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Refere getting right into his instructions pre-fight. Like he’s auditioning for some voiceover work.

Four rounds scheduled for this. Both have started at a decent pace, a bit ragged from Karim at times as he almost loses his balance.

Plenty of intent in that opening round - not much landed.

21:51 , Matt Verri

First though... Ulysses Diaz vs Khalas Karim.

Both have marched to the ring, no real messing around on their way there.

Underway in this one very, very shortly.

21:47 , Matt Verri

Natalie Nunn vs Tommie Lee is the co-main event tonight. Two American reality TV stars going at it - the way they’ve spoken about each other, it could turn into a full brawl.

That’s all the analysis I have to offer I’m afriad. Can’t say I’ve watched many hours of them sparring for research.

Ingram’s reaction

21:43 , Matt Verri

Kenna giving Ingram a big hug, pointing at him as he urges the crowd to show their appreciation for the American. Unfortunately there isn’t really a crowd.

Ingram says: “It feels good. He said he wanted a war, I tried to give you a war, but he kept running.”

Brutal stuff.

Ingram vs Kenna

21:41 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Kenna has the look of a man who regrets all his trash talk, trying to persuade Ingram he was joking about everything he said.

Safe to say he won’t be taking that watch he had his eye on. Ingram choosing his moments to let his hands go - body shots, uppercuts, left hooks. Everything is landing.

Body shots in particularly landing really nicely, Kenna’s side is completely red. Irishman just wants to hear the final bell.

And he does! That was a fairly miserable six minutes for Kenna. Ingram superb.

Ingram vs Kenna

21:38 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Not a huge amount going on in the opening minute. Ingram walking after Kenna, no desire to rush into anything. He’s giving some advice to the Irishman’s corner now while fighting.

That’s a really nice combination, right hand is causing problems. Plenty of power behind them, Kenna just looking to tuck up. Lovely left hook to the body.

Ingram in another league, he’s walking Kenna down at will.

Ingram vs Kenna

21:35 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Kenna trying to be intimidating, not working though. Ingram looks incredible relaxed and can’t stop smiling.

For all his chat, Kenna hasn’t really thrown yet. Hands right up and fairly stiff. Ingram so quick when he does move forward and he’s talking to his opponent too.

Almost constant chat, followed by an overhand right but it doesn’t land cleanly.

21:32 , Matt Verri

Ring walks seem to be getting longer and longer as we go on tonight. Mayweather’s going to do a tour of London at this rate.

Anyway - Kenna and Ingram in the ring. Kenna has so much confidence he simply has to be entertaining!

Three two-minute rounds scheduled. Here we go.

This should be good!

21:28 , Matt Verri

J’Hon Ingram vs Declan Kenna is up next.

Ingram dubbed the ‘next Floyd Mayweather’ - Kenna has said the American best be that good or he’ll lose tonight.

The Irishman has also repeatedly asked Ingram to put his watch on the line tonight. No such luck.

21:22 , Matt Verri

“I’m not going to say I took it seriously - I could have trained harder,” Zepeda says.

Not sure that’s much consolation for Lovejoy. Zepeda relatively downbeat about his efforts, despite the stoppage.

Was clear that neither were possessing a particularly impressive engine. Pace was not the best.

Zepeda vs Lovejoy

21:19 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Lovejoy is down! Immediately points to his side as he goes down - seems to be shocked that Zepeda threw a punch.

He doesn’t look best pleased, staying down... and it’s waved off!

Stiff jab dazed him, before a fairly innocuous looking jab to the rib bent him over. Two right hands finished him off.

Our first stoppage of the night.

Zepeda vs Lovejoy

21:16 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Right, looks like they might actually try this round. There’s some movement.

Lovejoy bundling his way forward, struggled to stop himself once he got that momentum. Stopped by a combination of Zepeda and the ropes. His shorts have split on the side, even they look exhausted.

Zepeda throws a huge right hand on the bell, Lovejoy ducks under it.

Zepeda vs Lovejoy

21:13 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Plenty of knockout power between these two. Let’s see if that’s on show tonight, even if it is an exhibition.

They’re both moving in the opening minute like they’ve just gone 12 rounds, not exactly an electric pace. Don’t think a single punch has been thrown, never mind landed.

Well... that was awful.

On we go...

21:08 , Matt Verri

Antonio Zepeda vs Christopher Lovejoy next up on the undercard.

Our first heavyweight action of the night - three two-minute rounds scheduled once again.

Good news!

21:05 , Matt Verri

Mayweather and Chalmers are in the building! Good to go for the main event later tonight

Chalmers strolling in suited and booted by himself. Mayweather appears to have brought half of America with him.

Post-fight thoughts from Johnson

21:03 , Matt Verri

“A lot of respect with Mike. He put up a good fight, much respect to him,” Johnson says.

“My defence was on point the whole time. I wasn’t getting hit with big shots. Everything I need I practice in the gym.

“Thank you so much to Floyd Mayweather - happy birthday my boy!”

Hales then rocks up and sits down next to Johnson to join in the interview... which is then immediately ended before he says a word. Tough world.

Johnson vs Hales

20:59 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Final round coming up - will Johnson look for a big finish?

He’s content to lean back on the ropes for now, head movement is so good as he slips away from everything being thrown at him.

Johnson much the better fighter in there, hasn’t really come out of first gear either. No surprise either considering the experience he’s had compared to Hales.

There’s the final whistle - enjoyable night’s work for Johnson.

Johnson vs Hales

20:56 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Hales has thrown a fair few punches at thin air. Falling in as he throws his shots, getting caught as he does so.

Johnson pushes the British fighter into the corner, lets his hands go. Hales does well to just about turn away.

A bit of showboating from Johnson too, not sure Hales appreciated that. Tries to respond with a big left, misses by a few miles.

Johnson vs Hales

20:53 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Johnson trains in the Mayweather gym - no pressure. Hales with an MMA background.

Three rounds scheduled, Johnson looking incredibly relaxed and establishing the jab early on. Looks to have very quick hands.

Hales has already been caught to head and body, not really landing anything himself. Really good from Johnson.

Next up...

20:46 , Matt Verri

Kevin Johnson vs Mike Hales.

Hales is the home fighter here, says it’s a dream to be fighting on a Mayweather undercard. Time to see if he can deliver.

20:43 , Matt Verri

“If he is here, can we please lock the doors.”

Comments from the presenter on Mayweather’s arrival at the O2 - the American might not be too delighted to see he’s going to be walking out in front of a very sparse crowd.

20:41 , Matt Verri

“Such an amazing experience. It’s mad - every fighter’s dream to be somewhere like this,” says Heather.

“I was expecting a tough fight and that’s what it was.”

Both in high spirits - clearly enjoyed themselves in the ring.

Luxton vs Heather

20:38 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Final two minutes coming up.

Both continue to land, Luxton looking the better fighter and landing the cleaner shots. Heather hanging in there.

Big hug at the final bell, both performed impressively there. It’s an exhibition so doesn’t matter, but Luxton would have won that had it been scored.

Luxton vs Heather

20:35 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Good combination work from Luxton, she’s landing the cleaner shots. Heather’s corner have done a solid job of stopping the blood.

Both starting to look a bit tired. Looks like a fair amount of effort for Luxton to raise her arms at the end of the round - heart wasn’t in that.

Luxton vs Heather

20:32 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Luxton has Liam Harrison in her corner - he was going to fight Mayweather tonight before he picked up an injury.

Heather having a decent go here, bout being fought at a good pace. Blood coming from her nose though after she’s caught.

Luxton raising her hands and celebrating at the end of every round - making the most of her chance on this stage.

Luxton vs Heather

20:28 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Luxton looks to be the better fighter in the opening minute, though neither landing a huge amount.

Heather standing in centre ring and going for it though, getting caught with a couple of right hands.

Not a clue if they’re even scoring this, but if so it’s Luxton’s round.

20:26 , Matt Verri

Feels like we’re back in Covid times with these ring-walks, not a fan to be seen as the fighters make their way to the ring.

Right then - let’s see how the opening fight goes!

Here we go...

20:21 , Matt Verri

A fight. At long last.

Sammy Jo Luxton vs Hayley Barraclough is the first bout up. Both have an MMA background.

Four two-minute rounds scheduled.

Lots to come!

20:18 , Matt Verri

We’ve apparently got six undercard fights to come before the main event. Mayweather will be celebrating his 47th birthday by the time we get to that.

They’ve mentioned a few times that Jamie Foxx is in attendance, which has doubled the crowd size.

20:14 , Matt Verri

“We are live for Royal Pain.”

A fairly apt description of what we’re having to put up with. So the coverage is underway, no sign of any fights yet.

First shots inside O2 would suggest the lower tier has a smattering of fans. That’s about it.

20:12 , Matt Verri

This is all fairly shambolic.

“Stay tuned the show will start shortly” is the message from the PPV coverage.

Hold up - something is happening! We have a Mayweather montage. Well it’s something at least.

Still we wait...

20:06 , Matt Verri

Nobody in the O2 Arena, nobody in the ring, and no coverage yet of the event on the PPV.

We’re off to a flyer!

Newcastle double this weekend?

20:00 , Matt Verri

Chalmers win tonight, Newcastle victory at Wembley tomorrow in the Carabao Cup final...

It could prove to be quite the weekend for the Geordies!

19:56 , Matt Verri

No sign yet of the card getting up and running, even though it is scheduled to do so at 8pm.

Last time Mayweather though, against Deji in November, he delayed things for a fair while due to a disputes over gloves backstage. Could do without that tonight.

Hopefully though we’re going to get some action before then!

Not many tickets sold

19:50 , Matt Verri

Safe to say it’s not a sell-out at the O2 tonight. Or anything close to it.

Undercard will be getting underway in the next ten minutes or so, and there is barely anyone in the arena at the moment.

Will fill up slightly you’d imagine as the night goes on... very slightly though.

Tonight’s card in full

19:39 , Matt Verri

Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers

Natalie Nunn vs Tommie Lee

Ulysses Diaz vs Khalas Karim

J’Hon Ingram vs Declan Kenna

Antonio Zepeda vs Christopher Lovejoy

Kevin Johnson vs Mike Hales

Ingram set for Kenna test

19:29 , Matt Verri

Floyd Mayweather hailed J’hon Ingram last year, insisting the 22-year-old is capable of achieving great things.

“This young fighter right here J’hon, I want you guys to look out for him,” Mayweather said. “This could be the next Floyd Mayweather, we just never know.”

Ingram is up against Declan Kenna tonight - safe to say the Irishman is not too bothered by the hype surrounding his opponent.

“Floyd saying J’hon’s the next big thing – he f****** better be because if he’s not he’s going to get broke when I go against him and if he is the next best thing we’re going to find out Saturday night,” Kenna said.

“I’m coming into this one looking for a win so he better be what he says he is on the tin!”


Mayweather to take it easy?

19:19 , Matt Verri

The good news is, Mayweather has shown at least some interest in boxing this week.

Across his previous exhibition bouts, there has been plenty of dancing, showboating and entertaining the crowd. Whenever his opponent has tried to step things up, he has then gone through the gears.

If Chalmers, as promised, looks to try and apply the pressure tonight, it will be interesting to see how quickly Mayweather looks to end the bout.

Chalmers disappointed by no-show

19:11 , Matt Verri

As we mentioned earlier, there was no sign of Mayweather at yesterday’s weigh-in.

Chalmers believes that was down to the American, who was celebrating his 46th birthday, having a busy day of rollerskating and shopping at Selfridges. You heard.

Undercard action

19:03 , Matt Verri

Before we get to the main event tonight, there is something that vaguely resembles an undercard.

Kevin Johnson, knocked out by Anthony Joshua in 2015, is in action, along with J’Hon Ingram who has sparred Mayweather and received plenty of praise from him.

And of course, the one you’re all incredibly excited for I’m sure, Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee. They are apparently reality TV stars in the USA.

Lots to look forward to.

Chalmers sets out plan!

18:56 , Matt Verri

Safe to say Aaron Chalmers intends on earning some big money this year.

He’s already turning his focus towards the likes of KSI and Jake Paul, looking to fight one of them next.

Chalmers has suggested that he could fight Paul twice - one in an MMA bout, the other in a boxing ring. We shall see.

Mayweather excited by UK debut

18:46 , Matt Verri

Floyd Mayweather was in typically confident mood earlier this week, sending an encouraging message to Chalmers that suggested he is not too concerned by who he is facing tonight.

“It’s great to be back in the UK performing, dreams come true,” Mayweather said. “I’ve been coming to UK since 1993 – it’s good to be over here.

“My advice to him is to show his skills. He’s rough, tough and got experience in combat, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be at his best. I’ve got so much experience at the highest level. I’ve fought at the best events.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Chalmers: I won’t just be a human punch bag

18:34 , Matt Verri

Aaron Chalmers has vowed to be brave tonight, insisting he will not just be looking to survive the eight rounds and hear the final bell.

“Getting in the ring with Mayweather is already a win in itself,” Chalmers told the MailOnline.

“Anything else will also be a win. I think the fight is eight rounds. If I can get to the end of the fight without being finished, then that’s good.

“But I’m not just coming in to tuck up and be a punch bag, no chance. If it means going out on my shield swinging, then that’s what I’ll do.

“If it means getting into a war and getting finished, then so be it. But I won’t be tucking up and turning into a human punch bag, that’s for sure.”

Last time we saw Mayweather...

18:25 , Matt Verri

It was YouTuber Deji in the opposite corner when we saw Floyd Mayweather in Dubai back in November.

The American spent most of the night dancing around, though he did get caught once to leave him with a slight black eye.

Here are some highlights from that exhibition bout.

How Chalmers secured big-money bout

18:14 , Matt Verri

Mayweather was originally due to face Liam Harrison tonight, but the Muay Thai figher from Leeds pulled out with injury.

Chalmers has explained how he got in touch with one of Mayweather’s team after that news broke as he successfully secured the fight for himself.

“Five years ago, at the height of Geordie Shore, one of his team was in Belgium and he was my security guard for the weekend,” Chalmers told talkSPORT.

“We were going around different clubs and stuff, so he was my security guard and he was a part of ‘The Money Team.’

“I sent just an off-the-cuff message on Instagram [after Harrison’s injury]. He still had my number. I’ve still got the same number. He texts us, ‘Ring me now.’

“I rang him and within ten minutes he had given me the fight because I had taken him for a meal and just treated him how you would treat anyone.”


No Mayweather yesterday...

18:04 , Matt Verri

So Mayweather was a no-show at yesterday’s weigh-in, in what was a slightly bizarre scene.

Chalmers took to the scales and came in at 161lbs, before it was announced that Mayweather had weighed-in privately elsewhere at 155lbs.

Not sure the ‘skipping the weigh-in and just telling everyone your weight’ tactic will really catch on for serious fights.


Mayweather vs Chalmers prediction

17:54 , Matt Verri

Here we go again.

Chalmers has at least some combat experience, though to say this is a step up from his one previous professional bout would be somewhat of an understatement.

Against Deji, Mayweather spent most of the night dancing around and showing off, only really engaging seriously when he got caught for the first time.

It’s set to be another comfortable, lucrative night for the American

This is likely to be go at least a few rounds too, assuming Mayweather is happy to play along and Chalmers doesn’t goad the American.

A stoppage can be expected somewhere towards the end of the scheduled eight rounds.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Full card for tonight’s action!

17:46 , Matt Verri

Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers

Natalie Nunn vs Tommie Lee

Ulysses Diaz vs Khalas Karim

J’Hon Ingram vs Declan Kenna

Antonio Zepeda vs Christopher Lovejoy

Kevin Johnson vs Mike Hales

Start times

17:33 , Matt Verri

Mayweather vs Chalmers takes place tonight at the O2 Arena in London.

The ring walks for the main event should be at around 10pm GMT, though as ever those times are subject to change depending on the undercard.

How to watch Mayweather vs Chalmers

17:20 , Matt Verri

TV channel and live stream: In the UK, Saturday’s event is being broadcast live on the Zeus Network.

The pay-per-view will cost £24.88, with fans able to watch it on the Zeus website or app.

Live blog: Or... follow all the action right here with us!

Good evening!

17:07 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers!

It’s Mayweather’s first time fighting in the UK, even if tonight’s event at the O2 Arena is an exhibition event against the former reality TV star.

Chalmers has some combat pedigree though, with seven MMA fights to his name and a win in his only professional boxing bout to date.

That’s a world away from what Mayweather brings though, and it’s expected to be another relaxed, and lucrative, night for the American.

We’ll have full coverage of the fight and of the undercard action before then. Stay with us!