McDonald's launches new breakfast meal deal price that is 'cheaper than Greggs'

McDonalds has dropped the price of its breakfast meal deal -Credit:Getty Images

McDonald's has just unveiled a brand new price for its breakfast meal deal that's perfect for a midweek pick-me-up or a treat on a lazy weekend.

The fast food eatery has cut prices down 'lower than Greggs' in a bid to compete with other similar outlets who also offer breakfast deals.

As of today, Wednesday April 17, customers will be able to buy a Sausage & Egg McMuffin or an Egg McMuffin, as well as a regular hot drink, soft drink, or bottled drink, for £2.79.

A McDonald's spokesperson pointed out that this makes it 6p cheaper than Greggs' breakfast deal - which includes a breakfast roll filled with egg, sausage or bacon paired with a hot drink or bottle of orange juice for £2.85.

Customers at both McDonald's and Greggs only have until 11am each day to grab something from the breakfast menu before it disappears, Lancs Live reports.

The news of the lower-priced breakfast deals comes after McDonald's recently announced the return of one of its "best burgers ever".

The Chicken Big Mac will be available once again from Wednesday, April 17. Other additions to the menu include a Biscoff McFlurry and a Biscoff Frappe, as well as new Cheese and Herb Melts.

McDonald's fans have hailed the Chicken Big Mac, priced at £4.69, "the best" with one person commenting: "Chicken Big Mac is the best burger McDonald’s have ever made." While another said: "The Chicken Big Mac is the best thing to ever bless the UK."

A third added: "Bruh, the flavours in the Chicken Big Mac? Unreal quality."

Some additional sweet treats, such as the Galaxy Caramel Pie and the Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry, will also be added to menus this week.

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