Mechanic says turning off one thing in your car can 'double life of engine'

Hand holds a black steering wheel.
It's a good tip. -Credit:Getty

A seasoned mechanic has sparked a debate by suggesting that turning off a common car feature could "double the life of your engine". With an impressive 50 years under his belt, Scotty Kilmer shared his insights on how a popular function in modern cars might be doing more harm than good.

In his YouTube video, he urged motorists to disable the auto start/stop system in their vehicles. This technology is designed to cut fuel consumption and lower emissions, but according to Scotty, it could lead to increased engine wear.

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He emphatically stated: "[Turning it off] is a smart thing to do. Start/stop technology is the dumbest thing that's come out in years. 97% of the wear happens when you start the car so do you want to keep starting and stopping it? Not if you want your car to last longer."

Drivers can usually find the button to switch off the stop/start system on their dashboard, which is often indicated by an 'A' surrounded by an arrow, with a small indicator light to show when the feature is inactive.

Scotty's tip left many social media users astonished, as reported by Birmingham Live, reports the Daily Record.

One individual recounted: "I recently was driving a rental with this feature and after realizing it wasn't the car stalling at every red light I realized what was going on."

"I thought this was... worse for the engine than just idling."

Another added their experience: "I test-drove a car once with that function and I found it annoying."