Media freedom under attack in Cambodia: PM shuts down independent radio station

Cambodia's strongman leader has ordered the shutdown of one of the country's few remaining local independent media outlets. One of the world's longest-serving leaders, Prime Minister Hun Sen has increasingly cracked down on any opposition as he prepares for elections later this year. We take a closer look.

Meanwhile, conveyor-belt sushi is a staple of modern Japanese restaurant culture, offering people a cheap and casual way to enjoy the food. But recently, a wave of pranks by customers has sent shockwaves throughout the sushi industry. Videos of diners messing with someone else's food went viral, prompting restaurant chains to file police complaints. Now questions have even been raised about the future of the famous dining invention. FRANCE 24's Yuka Royer tells us more.

Finally, wedding crashers are causing chaos throughout India, taking advantage of lavish ceremonies where guests number in the hundreds. Our correspondents Léa Delfolie and Sadia Rao look into the growing security headache facing wedding organisers as thieves try to steal from other attendees.

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