'Mediterranean heatwave' looming as UK weather map turns red

Forecasters are predicting the return of hot weather
-Credit: (Image: John Myers)

UK weather maps are bathed in a red as forecasters predict a new heatwave in July. A warm Mediterranean influence is expected to trigger yet another spell of high temperatures, pushing the mercury close to the 30C mark once again in many places.

This comes after much of the country basked in a similar heatwave this week, which saw crowded beaches and parks. Expected to peak on Sunday, July 14, the forthcoming heatwave is predicted by Netweather charts which show the highest temperatures of about 30C will hit the Greater London region and its surrounds.

Parts of southern England are also tipped to see highs over 25C, as per the early forecasts. It's good news given that after last Wednesday's scorching temperatures, the weather for many across the UK has been mixed at best.


More than 40mm (1.6 inches) of rain drenched the Scottish Highlands on Friday, while North Yorkshire also experienced heavy downpours. Further showers were expected come Sunday, especially around areas in the Midlands, reports the Mirror.

Despite these vibrant weather charts, the Met Office's long-range forecast suggests quick shifts between wet and dry spells. The prediction for mid to late July foresees variable conditions: "On balance most likely rather changeable at first, with periods of unsettled and cloudy, wet weather mixed with spells of dry and fine weather, with weather systems tending to come from the west.

Weather maps for July have turned a scorching red
Weather maps show Mediterranean airstream to spark sweltering heatwave across the UK -Credit:Netweather

"This means that the west is likely to see the wettest conditions, while the east will tend to be drier. By mid-month, there is a signal for more settled conditions to develop, so more in the way of dry weather, although still with a risk of some rain/showers at times. Temperatures close to average at first, but with a greater chance of warmer than average conditions later in the period."

After the scorching highs of 30C earlier in the week, temperatures have taken a noticeable dip. Heathrow Airport recorded a peak of just 22C on Friday, a stark contrast to the sweltering 31C experienced in parts of Surrey on Wednesday.