Meet the Cast of ‘Love Undercover,’ Peacock's Newest Dating Show

love undercover season 1 contestants
Meet the Cast of "Love Undercover"NBC Universal

Let me ask you this question: if you had the chance to date a super successful international soccer star, would you? After thinking about it for all of 0.2 seconds, I think everyone's saying "yes" to that one. And all the women vying for love on Peacock's newest dating show Love Undercover probably would too. And the good news is they got to! They just, um, didn't know it at the time. The show features five soccer — or should I say football — stars trying to find love without all their sports fame and success being a factor. To do so, they head to the mecca of genuine connect: Los Angeles, California. They're taking on new (fake) average-joe-type job titles and dating a group of 18 women to see if they can find someone to love them for them and not their status.

Peacock's known for many things and an endless stream of can't-stop-watching dating shows is one of them (Love Island, Temptation Island, Queens Court — must I go on?!) so we can only expect that this show will be a wild ride. Before diving into Love Undercover, here are all the cast members you can expect to see gracing your screens over the next few weeks.

Ryan Babel

Age: 37

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bio: Ryan is a former Premier League player which, if you haven't brushed up on your English football leagues, is the top tier of play. And we can't forget to mention that he's competed in not one but two FIFA World Cups. Ryan's 2.1 million Instagram followers might give you an idea of how famous (and well-recognized!) he is over in Europe. But even over here in the US, with his killer fashion sense and adorable smile, how could anyone not fall in love with him?

Instagram: @ryanbabel

ryan babel love undercover
Ryan Babel/Instagram

Marco Fabian

Age: 34

Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico

Bio: You know what's a major flex? Being an Olympic gold medalist, and Marco's been one since the Mexican soccer team won the 2012 games. He also spent a few years in Germany's top soccer league and has done stints in Philadelphia, Qatar, and Andorra. He's now playing for the Empire Strykers in California. By the looks of his Instagram, when he's not playing soccer he likes spending lots of time shirtless by the water.

Instagram: @marcofabian_10

marco fabian love undercover
Marco Fabian/Instagram

Lloyd Jones

Age: 28

Hometown: Plymouth, England

Bio: Lloyd kicked off his pro soccer career playing in the Premier League for Liverpool (NBD or anything) before moving over to Luton Town a few years later. He's now on Charlton Athletic which is based out of London, so any lucky lady he falls for on the show will have a great city to get to visit him in.

Instagram: @lloydjones28

lloyd jones love undercover
Lloyd Jones/Instagram

Sebastián Fassi

Age: 30

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Bio: He may be a goalie but I think it's safe to say Sebastián's having to keep his heart WIDE open on Love Undercover. He hails from Mexico and spent some time playing on a few different teams there. Although he's not signed with any club right now, he last played for CF La Nucía over in Spain. One quick look through his socials and it's clear he's a big traveller, jetting around to places like Portugal, Egypt, Switzerland, Ibiza, and Qatar, so whoever he ends up with will need a passport with plenty of room for more stamps.

Instagram: @sebafassi

a man in a green uniform
Sebastian Fassi/Instagram

Jamie O'Hara

Age: 37

Hometown: Dartford, England

Bio: The first six years of Jamie's career were spent in England's Premier League playing for Tottenham Hotspur. He later moved over to Billericay Town before retiring in 2020 and becoming a sports TV host. Jamie was previously married to former Miss England Danielle Lloyd but the two (who share three sons) divorced in 2014. Love Undercover won't be Jamie's first time on reality TV — he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2017!

Instagram: @jamie.ohara

jamie ohara
Jamie O'Hara/Instagram

Sophia Cerrito

Age: 27

Hometown: New York, New York

Occupation: Professional Dancer

Instagram: @sophiamcerrito

a woman with long hair
Sophia Cerrito/Instagram

Gabby Findley

Age: 34

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Occupation: TSA Agent

Instagram: @gabsweay

a person sitting on a bench
Gabby Findley/Instagram

Renee Ash

Age: 27

Hometown: Calabasas, California

Occupation: Social Media/Influencer

Instagram: @renee.ash

a woman in a dress
Renee Ash/Instagram

Sofie Cajamarca

Age: 30

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Program Analyst

Instagram: @sofiecajamarca

a woman wearing a red dress
NBC Universal


Age: 24

Hometown: Montville, New Jersey

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Instagram: @alus

a woman in a gold dress

Ariana Welch

Age: 25

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Occupation: Teacher

Instagram: @welchariana

a woman posing for a picture
Ariana Welch/Instagram

Abby Kowal

Age: 29

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Occupation: Social Media and Marketing Director

Instagram: @abbykowal

a person holding a drink
Abby Kowal/Instagram

Jackie Lam

Age: 35

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Occupation: Healthcare management

Instagram: @jackie_lamtx

a woman posing in front of a wall of flowers
Jackie Lam/Instagram

Brittany Gibson

Age: 28

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Occupation: Client Relations

Instagram: @brittany_gibson_

a woman posing for a picture
Brittany Gibson/Instagram

Akhya Mitchell

Age: 24

Hometown: Lafayette, Alabama

Occupation: Corporate Professional

Instagram: @akhyamitchell

a woman in a garment
Akhya Mitchell/Instagram

Courtny Svendsen

Age: 28

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Marketing and Philanthropic Manager

Instagram: @courtnysvendsen

a woman holding a glass of wine
Courtny Svendsen/Instagram

Estefani Mendez

Age: 28

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Operations Manager

Instagram: @stef.p.mendez

a person holding a glass of wine
Estefani Mendez/Instagram

Sinéad Jenkins

Age: 32

Hometown: Orange County, California

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @iamsineadj

a person posing next to a statue
Sinead Jenkins/Instagram

Jackie Jaramillo

Age: 31

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Occupation: Inside Sales Manager

Instagram: @jackie_jaramillo_

a woman posing on a deck
Jackie Jaramillo/Instagram

Kai Hilbert

Age: 26

Hometown: Orange, New Jersey

Occupation: Pediatric Nurse


a woman holding a glass of wine
Kai Hilbert/Instagram

Jacklyn Romano

Age: 26

Hometown: Sea Isle City, New York

Occupation: Fitness Studio Owner


a woman in a pink dress
Jacklyn Romano/Instagram

Sofia Quinteros

Age: 26

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Bottle Service

Instagram: @sofiaquinteros

a woman eating a cake
Sofia Quinteros/Instagram

Tinah Ogalo

Age: 26

Hometown: Sickerville, NJ

Occupation: Reporter/Podcaster

Instagram: @tinah.ogalo

a person in a blue jacket
Tinah Ogalo/Instagram

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