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Who Is Bridgerton’s Lord Anderson?Netflix

Spoilers below.

There was a new face around the ton in Bridgerton season 3: Lord Anderson, the handsome and suave brother of Lady Danbury. He’s an immediate charmer, flirting openly with Lady Violet Bridgerton while simultaneously announcing his search for a second wife, but his sister is not exactly thrilled by his presence, unlocking deeper secrets from Lady Danbury’s past.

Daniel Francis, who has previously appeared in shows like Once Upon a Time and Netflix’s Stay Close, plays the estranged Lord Marcus Anderson opposite Adjoa Andoh’s Lady Agatha Danbury.The onscreen siblings are no strangers: They were members of the London-based Young Vic theater venue at the same time 14 years ago. He told Cinema Blend that while they hadn’t seen each other in as much time, mirroring the distance between their characters, they fell right into place with one another on set. “[Andoh] is the type of actress who is so alive and so giving and so active and doesn't pull up punches and you know that you can really bring everything to it,” he said.

The third season finale sets up Lord Anderson as a character that will be sticking around—here’s everything to know about him.

Lord Anderson arrives in the ton looking for his second wife.

When we first glimpse him in the third episode of season 3, Lord Anderson is already making his presence known. “I found him very mischievous and curious…he’s almost like a child,” Francis told Cinema Blend of building the character. “The endearing thing about him is that childlike state,” he continued. “Although he's a grown-up, there was this sense of playfulness and this sense of childlike exploration that he brings.”

Lord Anderson meets Lady Bridgerton during a stroll (where he swooningly picks up her fallen glove), and later informs her that he’s come to town in search of ladies. The two continue to see each other at social events throughout the season, and he reveals that his first marriage was not a love match and he is hoping to find that in his second. Violet Bridgerton, of course, has only known love marriages for herself and her children, but isn’t sure if she’s ready to move on after the death of her husband yet.

He had a strained relationship with his sister Lady Danbury.

While Lord Anderson is putting feelers out with Violet Bridgerton, he also approaches his sister for introductions to eligible ladies. But his request is met with a scoff from Lady Danbury, who later tells him off for “taking everything” from her. Uh oh.

When the siblings finally speak their hearts, Lady Danbury reveals that she knows it was Marcus who snitched on her as she was trying to escape the night before her wedding to the much older Lord Herman Danbury. (We got a peek at their marriage in the Queen Charlotte prequel.) In her eyes, Marcus stole her only chance at happiness and she’s been holding the grudge ever since.

But in Bridgerton’s season 3, episode 7, she finally hears his side of the story: He was only 10, and thought he was protecting her. All he had ever heard was that the outside world was scary for young women, and he didn’t want her to fall prey to the ills of the world. "I was not only in awe of you, I was afraid of you,” Lord Anderson admits, explaining why he didn’t come forward with the truth earlier. Lady Danbury accepts his apology and they finally enter a new chapter of their relationship.

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Lord Anderson takes a liking to Lady Bridgerton, much to Lady Danbury’s initial dismay.

Prior to their heart-to-heart, Lady Danbury disapproved of her brother courting one of her good friends based on his previous behavior and the long-held grudge from the past. But episode 7 marks a turning point not just for Lord Anderson and Lady Danbury, but also for the Lord and Lady Bridgerton. He asks Violet in as proper a way as possible if she would be interested in dating him after they both “settle their family affairs,” and she agrees.

Eventually, Lady Danbury encourages their union.

In the finale, Lady Danbury puts aside her previous misgivings and tells her old friend that while Lord Anderson and Lady Bridgerton are both adults who do not need her permission, she believes they are both good people who deserve happiness.

Lord Anderson isn’t a character in the Bridgerton books.

It should be noted that Lord Anderson isn’t a character in the original Julia Quinn book series, but given his momentum with Lady Bridgerton, he’s sure to stick around—and since the series hasn’t yet focused on older love, his pending love story with Violet deserves a season of its own.

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