Meet the man who has been gaming since the 70s and now wants to become an online streamer - at the age of 81

Meet the man who has been gaming since the 70s and now wants to become an online streamer - at the age of 81. Granddad-of-five David Bradford's obsession began in 1978 with the classic arcade game Space Invaders. He has developed his gaming skills over the years after graduating from arcade games to console and now to PC. And he now want to enter the streaming world, although he needs some new kit - as his £500 PC might not be fast enough. David, from Banwell, Somerset, said: "I’m new at streaming and want to try. "I’ve had a lot of fans asking to watch me, they say, 'Get this man streaming!'" David used stop off at cafes and service stations to play arcade games while driving lorries in the late 70s, he said. He then became invested in console play in 1997, when his family bought a Nintendo 64 to play the James Bond game GoldenEye. He then took an interest in war game Medal of Honor in 2002, which he played with his sons. One, David Jr., said: "He's always been gaming. "But he got into Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, which I used to play when I was younger in clan matches with my brothers. "I guess he saw it as a new challenge and wanted to be involved and that's how it started from there." More than 20 years after playing with his sons, the father-of-four is now playing with his grandchildren. He said: “I do play with my grandchildren and sons at times. "This is why I am trying to upgrade my computer so I can play Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. "I can still play now as well as I did in the early days. I struggle with modern technology, but I have my son to help me with that. "When I played Modern Warfare 2 with a mouse and keyboard on the PlayStation 5, I did struggle with new keys and finger placement. "But I know with practice I'll get the hang of it, but still enjoyed it." David's love for gaming means his sessions go on late into the night - so he has been given a curfew to not disturb his wife. Son David Jr said: "Every night it's like a warzone and his wife has to sleep through. "He’s apparently banned and has to stop at 10:30pm because he used to play till 1:00am. "He's also been banned from playing on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. "He’s said 'It's because the owner of the server doesn’t like getting beaten' so they banned him for a week or a month." David uses gaming as a method of relaxation to unwind from his job as a part-time plant operator. His son added: "When he's playing he classes it as his chillout time. "But his enjoyment from the game and his reactions share his level of enjoyment to be far greater than most people's, especially when he's winning. "I don't think he will retire from the game, ever."