Meet Phantom the rescue horse from US that is over 2m TALL

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"She rides gigantic draft horses all day but he's the largest horse she's ever ridden. 

"He has so much power but with his laid back personality he prefers to take things slow and easy which makes the ride even nicer. 

"He is the definition of a gentle giant, goofy, loveable, wants all the attention. He comes to the fence line to greet guests and volunteers and is a pleasure to be around."

The rescue's TikTok, @gentlegiantsdrafthorserescue, now boasts over 100,000 followers thanks to Phantom's incredible stature.

He is only an inch shorter than Big Jake, the latest horse to be recognised as the World's Tallest Horse who sadly died last month, but Lauren said she has seen horses five inches taller than Phantom. 

She said: "We are the largest draft horse rescue in America and have seen numerous giant horses like Phantom.

"Each day our staff and volunteers arrive to the farm to feed every horse across our 300 acre property. 

"They provide medications and special treatments, and in the hot summer months, horses like Phantom get a cold rinse with the hose and sunscreen applied to their pink noses. 

"Volunteers love to bring special treats and Phantom knows who has something tasty in their pockets before they even enter the field! 

"We frequently have new arrivals who have just been rescued from auctions and are being rehabilitated by our expert Animal Care Technicians, vet, and farriers."

The gentle giant will try out for the Mounted Archery and Drill Team at the rescue to see if he has what it takes to strut his stuff at local county and state fairs.

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