Meet the straight US couple who have a fetish for 'puppy play' - where the GIRL is the dog

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Meet the straight US couple who have a fetish for 'puppy play' - where the GIRL is the dog

This straight couple indulge in the 'puppy play' fetish - where the girl barks, performs tricks and even eats dog treats.

Dani Pierce, 26 and Jack Poe, 31, spend at least an hour a day playing dog and owner, with Dani communicating only through barks while wearing a collar and tail.

The couple both have normal human day jobs - but by night they post fetish videos to their OnlyFans where they make $1,500 a month.

Their lifestyle brings them a huge amount of backlash online, saying they're "disgusting" or that they need God, but puppy girl Dani finds her head scratches and belly rubs comforting.

Dani, from Arizona, USA said: "It's really just fun, it's a chance for me to be super silly.

"You know how when you're a kid and you get to play around as a dog but you kind of lose that as you get older.

"There's a huge emphasis on relationships, if you're doing an owner and submissive thing, it's very BDSM, dark and heavy sometimes,

"So this all together feels more wholesome and it's nice to have different options out there."

Jack and Dani met in the summer of 2018 through their partners at the time, but their friendship blossomed into a relationship in March 2020.

The pandemic meant they made the decision to move in together, and just two months later, Dani made an unusual request.

She said: "I initially asked Jack to just call me 'puppy' as a pet name, and once he told me that he thought it was cute, I just gushed to him that I actually enjoyed puppy play and acting like a dog. 

"We tried it out with me just barking and running around a bit and Jack decided he liked it and it was cute, so we continued to delve into it."

It took about two weeks for them to fully make the roleplay part of their lives, and went out to buy toys, a bowl and collar from the pet shop.

They often pretend they have an imaginary pet dog to get away with their purchases.

Dani said: "Our puppy routine right now is based around having fun! 

"Jack will play games with me like fetch, I'll do tricks, he'll give me treats, belly rubs, headpats, and definitely lots and lots of praise.

"I love getting lots of treats too, and those are usually my favourite candies, although I have been trying dog treats too."

Whilst their puppy games are a huge part of their relationship, the two keep it behind closed doors to avoid making their neighbours uncomfortable.

But there have been times where they've nearly been caught out.

Dani said: "When I'm taking pictures for Instagram or OnlyFans I'll leave dog toys and stuff around the living room.

"We've had maintenance guys in and they're like 'do you have a dog?' and I just say nope, and I leave it at that!"

But these slip-ups doesn't stop them from throwing each other small references to their second life when out in the 'real world'.

Dani said: "Even when we're not fully engaged in a puppy play 'scene' we still incorporate aspects of it into our daily lives.

"Such as Jack calling me 'puppy' or patting my head and calling me a 'good girl' when I do something good that day."

In August, they started to post videos and images on their social media of Dani in her ears and tail doing tricks and playing with 'owner' Jack.

Dani said: "It started with us posting TikToks of myself playing around as a puppy, barking, playing with toys, and being cute.

Jack said: "We were definitely nervous about showcasing that part of our lives to the internet, knowing that we would be inviting lots of negative attention, but it was already such a big part of our lives at that point, that it seemed to make sense to showcase that. 

"It also gave Dani the opportunity to find her community and make friends based on this huge part of her life."

Dani added: "We do get a lot of negative backlash - we're putting ourselves out on the internet, it's expected and for the most part it's just people throwing insults towards me.

"Like 'you're so weird', 'you're disgusting' and a lot of people trying to evangelise me saying you need Jesus."

Despite negativity, the two also set up an account on content subscription service OnlyFans, where they post more NSFW puppy play videos.

They now make about $1,500 a month.

Dani said "On OnlyFans I actually do mostly just puppy playing videos, I'll be in my ears and tail and it will be a lot of Jack throwing toys around and me playing. 

"I'll do it in different outfits, sometimes nude, but for the most part its pretty innocent and people are into it."

"A lot of the money goes back into production, buying different dog things or different equipment for OnlyFans, and some gets put aside for taxes or just regular everyday life things like bills. 

"There's one big purchase  I want- I want to buy a dog cage, we really want to get one but we live in a really small space so there's not a really enough room at the moment."

The couple fit in at least an hour every day where they adopt their dog-owner roles, which the refer to as going into the "puppyspace".

Dani said: "Puppyspace is my way of relaxing and also for coping with anxiety because I get to forget about responsibilities for a while and have fun and be praised and be silly. 

"It's hard to find time to be silly and playful as an adult, so this is a great way for me personally to decompress from the day."

Whilst friends have been supportive of their lifestyle choice, neither party have 'come out' to their family yet. 

Jack said: "It's not exactly something easy to just bring up!

"Dani is a lot more open about it than I am but I'm sure that my family would be supportive as long as I was happy.

Dani said: "There was one time where I was staying at my parents house I had my collar while I was FaceTiming with Jack and after saying goodnight I completely forgot I was wearing my collar. 

"I went downstairs to talk to my mom and she's giving me this weird look and she kind of stops and says 'why are you wearing a dog collar that says baby girl on it?' 

"I came up with some stupid excuse its just a fashion thing, all the kids are wearing them and it was so bad,

"I was so embarrassed and she never asked me anything else about it again!"

Through expressing themselves online, they have met other puppy girls and their male owners, who don't appear to dominate the space as much as members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Jack said: "It's definitely a small, niche circle, but very close-knit

Dani said: "I'm not sure exactly why straight couples exist as a smaller niche in these circles, but I wonder if it has something to do with the taboo nature of 'owning' your partner. 

"The gay men puppy scene was the original and that's what always been the trade and that's awesome - that's where I learned puppy play too. 

"I saw online communities of men doing it and I was fascinated, I love everything they're doing and I was really enamoured by it.

"Part of the reason that I enjoy puppy play so much is that it gives me a chance to feel owned and secure, but I can also understand why some couples wouldn't be comfortable with that kind of dynamic. 

"It's cool now to see straight couples making their own thing from it, it's very separate from the LGBTQ circle but I love watching it grow from the ground up."

Despite facing negativity and scrutiny over their lifestyle choice, they have no regrets about going public.

Dani said: "I never felt comfortable 'coming out' with my puppy play dreams until I met Jack. 

"He's such a sweetheart who is open and always willing to listen and communicate. 

"When we began dating, it was the first time I felt safe enough to even bring up the subject."

Jack said: "I'm really happy Dani introduced me to puppy play. I know it was something she had always wanted to explore and I'm glad she felt safe enough to tell me. 

"I look at it as another way to connect and bond with her."

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