Meet the new Grumpy Cat: Garfi the Persian is furious with everything in life

Whether it's drinking from the sink, eyeing up a roast dinner or sitting in a filing cabinet, Garfi takes utter disdain to a whole new level

În unele fotografii, Garfi pare pregătit să ucidă pe cineva

You know and love Grumpy Cat - but this miserable feline looks even more furious.

‘Garfi’, a Persian cat from Turkey, is generating a big fanbase thanks to his ever-present menacing scowl.

His owner, Hulya Ozkok, has taken dozens of pictures of her very own grumpy cat, complete with the obligatory fancy dress and hilarious props.

In one picture, Garfi chases a ball with a typically displeased expression, while in another he eyes up a roast turkey with utter disdain.

Other hilarious pictures see Garfi sat in a filing cabinet, drinking from a kitchen tap, and reading a book on the sofa.

Garfi the new Grumpy Cat
Garfi the new Grumpy Cat

Garfi’s owner has dedicated a whole Flickr album to her melancholy moggy, which has since been viewed more than 17,000 times.

If Garfi is to achieve worldwide fame, he’s still got a long way to go to emulate Grumpy Cat herself.

The world’s most famous sour puss has recently been given her own movie, where she’ll be voiced by Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever will be a live action film about an often-overlooked cat in a pet shop who a 12-year-old girl called Crystal finds she can communicate with.