Meet the UK's youngest DJ who's just made his festival debut aged TEN

Chase performed at the Highest Point Festival over the weekend
Chase performed at the Highest Point Festival over the weekend -Credit:Matthew Coates

They say DJ-ing is a young person's game. A profession that conjures up images of late-night raves, wild parties and flying around the world playing music to adoring fans.

Whilst this may be true, DJ-ing is also a passion for some children, with youngsters finding their passion at the turntables - including one 10-year-old from Lancaster. Last year, Chase Coates was in the audience for a drum and bass set at Lancaster's Highest Point Festival, dancing to his favourite genre of music with dad Matthew.

The performer Turno, saw the pair enjoying themselves and a few days later contacted Matthew and Chase to send DJ equipment to their home. "He basically saw Chase on my shoulders going pretty nuts," Dad Matthew told LancsLive. "He filmed it and said it made him happy, it made him smile.


"I think he had gone through a bit of a difficult patch and said it made his day. He got in contact with us and we had a little chat about music and things, Chase said he wanted to be a DJ and the next thing you know, all this equipment turned up at the house.

"Speakers, controllers, headphones - it's just been awesome."

Chase is aspiring to be a well-known DJ
Chase is aspiring to be a well-known DJ -Credit:Matthew Coates

Honing his craft over the last year, Chase was invited to perform in his very own set at the Highest Point Festival that took place over the past weekend (May 10-12). The young performer even opened up the festival himself.

Matthew said: "The owner, Richard messaged me and said there's basically an opportunity and we'd like Chase to open the stage, the Charlie Tee Drum and Bass stage. Obviously it was a very quick decision for Chase, it was a yes straight away."

The proud dad says Chase just "blew everybody away" at Highest Point and took really well to being on the stage for the first time. "It's pretty surreal," Matthew said.

"The whole thing's been pretty surreal but the team at Highest Point have been awesome. He's been rubbing shoulders with Radio One DJs and the guy who's just won the Best Drum and Bass DJ award.

"Chase is just there chatting to him like he's a normal person saying he's going to share a stage with him in the future. It's just cool."

Chase with musician Mozey
Chase with musician Mozey -Credit:Matthew Coates

Although DJ Archie Norbury, from north Essex has taken the crown for the youngest DJ for starting at the age of two - Chase isn't far behind him. Seemingly not phased by the success he's having, Chase says the news was exciting to hear - but he has his sights set on bigger performances in the future.

The youngster told LancsLive: "I'm going to keep doing it, I'm going to smash it. I wanna go to Glastonbury."

Chase says his favourite artists are the likes of Chase and Status and The Prodigy - but says he's going to be "bigger" than them and take his music "worldwide." Chase's love of music and drum and bass has come from his upbringing, as the Coates family have a strong bond over music.

Chase's parents even took him to see The Prodigy last year. However, sometimes his young age gets in the way.

Matthew added: "It's a real struggle because has Chase loved drum and bass and that sort of music, since he was really young, three or four. But because of his age, anything drum or bass related you have to be 18 plus to go to.

"Highest Point is the only opportunity he's had to go and see it live."