Meeting those leaving Israel in opposition to judicial reform

Israel is still being rocked by huge protests. The most recent rallies took place last Saturday, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets. On the table is a major judicial reform that Benjamin Netanyahu's critics say will concentrate power with the prime minister, and undermine Israel's system of checks and balances. Such is the scale of opposition to the government's plans that a growing number of Israelis are considering leaving the country altogether. We take a closer look.

Elsewhere, it's been nearly three months since a devastating earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing more than 50,000 people. The ripple effects of the quake are still being felt, including by cancer patients in Syria. Before the disaster, Syrians in the province of Idlib could cross the border into Turkey in search of better treatment. But now, with the frontier closed, that's no longer possible.

Also in this edition, we report on how a popular TV show in Egypt has shone a light on the country's guardianship law, which denies women legal guardianship of their children and inheritance in the event of their husband's death. Campaigners and several MPs are now trying to change the law. FRANCE 24's Thameen Al-Kheetan tells us more.

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