Megan Thee Stallion forced to postpone Atlanta gigs due to burst water main

Megan Thee Stallion was forced to postpone two concerts in Atlanta due to a broken water main.

The Savage rapper was due to perform in the state of Georgia's capital on Friday and Saturday, but the incident, which sparked a state of emergency, resulted in the shows being pushed back until Sunday and Monday.

In a statement issued before the cancellation of the second gig on Saturday, bosses at the State Farm Arena said: "After speaking with the Mayor's office regarding the continued water leak issues affecting downtown Atlanta, the City of Atlanta is unable to accommodate the Megan Thee Stallion performance scheduled for tonight."

Megan was unhappy with the late cancellation, saying in a video message filmed from inside the Arena: "Y'all was acting like I could perform, and now you're telling me, 'Oh by the way, when we was trying to fix the pipes, we found another issue, and now some more s**t is going on. What? They're playing with me."

Pipes burst on Friday morning where three large water mains intersect near Atlanta's Downtown area. Repairs were completed Saturday evening, according to officials. Locals suffered a two-day water outage while large parts of the city under an order to boil water before drinking it.

Another water main later burst in the city's midtown neighborhood. Officials worked to isolate that pipe from the larger water system.