Meghan Markle will be 'elephant in the room' during Prince Harry's meeting with Charles

Meghan Markle wearing a white playsuit and blazer
Meghan's absence could cast a shadow on Harry's UK trip -Credit:Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

As Prince Harry prepares to reunite with King Charles next week, the absence of Meghan Markle could cast a shadow over their meeting.

The Duke of Sussex is set for a three-day visit to London, scheduled to kick-start on Tuesday. His main event, however, will be attending the 10th anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games on Wednesday, without his wife at his side.

According to insiders, King Charles plans to meet up with his estranged son during his stay. But Royal author Tom Quinn has indicated Meghan's absence will likely permeate their conversation, branding her "the elephant in the room" when they convene.

Speaking to the Mirror, Tom mentioned that the Royal Family may not react kindly to Meghan's decision to opt-out of the UK tour: "Meghan's no-show in the UK will just confirm the Royal family's view that the breach is permanent," he highlighted.

Quinn further commented: "Harry's loyalty is entirely to his wife; if she blames the royal family for the breach then so does he. Without the Invictus Games, there's no way Harry would have come to the UK at all."

The Royal expert projected that Harry and Charles might refrain from discussing Meghan. Describing the anticipated encounter, Quinn revealed: "When Harry meets his father and if he meets his brother, there will be one subject that doesn't get mentioned: Meghan. As one Kensington Palace insider put it, with a grin, 'Meghan is going to be the elephant in the room'."

According to a source who spoke to the publication, Prince Harry has actively maintained communication with his father, stating: "Harry has kept in regular contact with his father on several occasions and made no secret of his desire to see him when he can. He has been especially concerned about him and hopes the King will be well and able to see him as planned."

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However, uncertainty remains over whether Harry will have a meeting with his estranged brother, Prince William. An inside source claimed: "Their relationship remains extremely fractured. Harry has privately expressed a wish to sit down with his brother but now is not the time."

In further revelations, it emerged that Harry's forthcoming reunion with King Charles will mark their second meeting this year. The Duke of Sussex had swiftly travelled back to the UK in February following the revelation of the monarch's cancer diagnosis.

Harry managed a 30-minute visit with his father at Clarence House in a whirlwind trip, although Meghan has rarely been seen in the UK since they moved to the US and stepped back from Royal duties in 2020.

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