Meghan Markle's 'odd greeting ritual' to Kate Middleton at important royal event

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Royal enthusiasts had hoped for a resolution to the ongoing feud between the Royal Family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, following the revelation of cancer diagnoses for both Kate Middleton and King Charles.

The royal household has been fraught with tension since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step back from their official duties and relocate to California.

The couple's numerous explosive revelations about the monarchy in high-profile interviews seemed to make any reconciliation unlikely.

However, the heartbreaking news of Kate's health issues in March, coupled with King Charles's cancer announcement in January, sparked speculation of a possible softening of attitudes and a thawing of relations, according to Yahoo! News.

The Sussexes' 2020 announcement took both royal followers and the family itself by surprise, as they were kept in the dark until the last moment, the Mirror reports.

Meghan is said to have given Kate an awkward small wave when she entered Westminster Abbey which a body language expert described as "odd" -Credit:Phil Harris - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Meghan is said to have given Kate an awkward small wave when she entered Westminster Abbey which a body language expert described as "odd" -Credit:Phil Harris - WPA Pool/Getty Images

It was suggested that King Charles and Prince William were given just a 10-minute heads-up before the couple released their statement.

Once the news was out, the Royal Family and their advisors began working on the logistics of what Meghan and Harry's future would look like.

After intense discussions and finalising the details, Commonwealth Day was set as the date for Meghan and Harry's last royal duty.

The occasion, steeped in emotion and tension within the palace walls, saw a notably stiff interaction between Kate and Meghan, according to a body language expert.

Adhering to protocol, Meghan and Harry entered Westminster Abbey before William and Kate due to their junior status, taking up positions in the second row to await the arrival of the more senior royals.

(FILES) Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, leave at the end of the National Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen's reign at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London on June 3, 2022 as part of Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee celebrations.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the Royal Family back in 2020 -Credit:MATT DUNHAM/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Meghan offered a smile as the family, including the then-Prince of Wales King Charles, made their entrance, followed by an awkward small wave towards Kate.

Body language specialist Judi James shared her insights with The Mirror at the time, describing the wave as a "rather odd greeting ritual".

She commented: "It wasn't the warm reunion that we were all hoping for. The tension in Harry's body language especially was palpable.

"When he arrived, the minute he and Meghan had to drop hands, he immediately reached for his wedding ring which is a self-comfort. Even when she was beside him after they had stopped holding hands, he was missing her, needing her support.

"As Harry walked up the aisle, they both waved at the children, but his face otherwise was quite tense and unsmiling.

"Harry and Meghan looked a lot more genuinely cheerful, and Harry especially, threw a really affectionate smile at Kate. But when it was William, you could see Harry was slightly more rigid and his lips were closed."

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