Meghan Markle's 'true feelings' about supporting Prince Harry revealed

Harry and Meghan during a glamorous outing at the polo in Florida
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge last Friday -Credit:PA

Meghan Markle's subtle expressions have divulged her genuine sentiments towards Prince Harry, a body language expert has claimed. The Duchess of Sussex accompanied her spouse to Florida and was present with him at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge in Wellington, where they competed for the Sentebale Challenge Cup.

While Harry participated in the match, Meghan took on a less prominent role but had the honour of awarding the trophy to the victors, which included her husband, followed by a public display of affection.

Body language specialist Darren Stanton observed that Meghan's demeanour at the polo event signified a shift in the dynamic between the couple.

Stanton remarked: "I think in the past Meghan has shown herself as being the more dominant person between her and Harry. She's so used to pushing herself and likes to hold the reins. In the early stages, we would see a lot more dominant gestures from Meghan. However, we've seen a decrease in those gestures and the pair seem a lot more equal now, which tells me she's a lot more comfortable. It's clear from her attending events like the polo and the Invictus Games that she's there to fully support Harry.

"She seems a lot more comfortable at these types of events as the spotlight isn't on her. I can tell that purely through her facial expressions, which appear to be authentic. We're not seeing any masking gestures or forced smiles from her. She's unconsciously gone into a lower gear, she doesn't feel so under pressure.

"Overall, Meghan feels a lot more comfortable in her own skin and does not feel the pressure or need to be a person on a pedestal. She's completely relaxed and has come into her own."

Meanwhile, Darren, as reports the Mirror, noted that the Sussexes have seemed "a lot stronger in recent months" when attending events. Representing Betfair Slots, he commented: "There used to be some distance between them during previous events, there weren't many PDA moments between them or touches of affection.

"However, that has totally changed if these pictures are anything to go by. I noticed in one of the pictures, he had his hand on her back and neck, which is quite an intimate gesture to make in front of the public. They seem to be a lot more comfortable in each other's proximity zone.

"They were both very close to each other, very tactile, and both displaying genuine expressions of happiness. This was demonstrated as their whole faces were engaged - they were both happy to be there with each other. The pair have no issues with declaring their love in front of the world. The kiss they shared was quite passionate. They appear a lot more solid compared to past photos. They are very strong and the Meghan and Harry brand appears extremely tight."

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