Meghan Trainor Admits She's the 'Worst' at Sleep Training Son Barry: He's a 'Fun Challenge' (Exclusive)

The singer shares her two sons with husband Daryl Sabara

<p>Meghan Trainor/Instagram; Santiago Felipe/Getty</p> Meghan Trainor and her son Barry

Meghan Trainor/Instagram; Santiago Felipe/Getty

Meghan Trainor and her son Barry

Meghan Trainor is opening up about the challenges of sleep training.

While chatting with PEOPLE about her recent collaboration with Nanit, a smart baby monitor and app, the musician and boy mom, 30, got candid about the beginnings of sleep training her 6-month-old son Barry. Trainor shares her two sons — Barry and Riley, who turns 3 next month — with husband Daryl Sabara, 31.

"I'm the worst at it," she admits. "Riley was such an easy baby that I was like, 'I'm going to have six. This is whatever.' Barry's a fun challenge."

"He is much harder to sleep train," Trainor continues. "As the mama, we've got different chemicals where when we hear the baby cry, we hear it...literally, it's like science. We hear it way differently than other people can hear it."

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The "Made You Look" singer says she's been relying on her husband as they begin the sleep training process. "My husband's been working on that more than I am."

"I remember one time when Bar was really young, he would have these colic moments where he couldn't stop crying," she recalls. "And he was inside the house, deep on the other side, and I was outside the house, far away."

"And I was like, 'Do you guys hear that? He's screaming right now.' And they were like, 'No.' But I had super Mom-hearing ears, and I was like, 'My baby's upset. I'm going to go find him.'"

In August, the Grammy winner spoke with PEOPLE at the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles, sharing that she had recovered from her July cesarean delivery and was ready to incorporate some music work into her daily mom duties.

"Yeah baby. Two boys. And I'm going to start writing soon. Because I am in this 'Groundhog Day' every day with my children in a nice routine," she said. "We love routine."

"But I told 'em, I was like, 'I [need to do] arts and crafts soon, or I'm going to go crazy,' " Trainor added.

"But yeah, I can't wait to start writing," she continued, noting that she is feeling "great" after her C-section.

"I'm fully recovered from the C-section and my baby is so good," Trainor said at the time. "He's so good to me. We got good sleeping babies, so he's already sleeping in to like 5:30 at 2 months old."

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