Mel B 'banned from bringing daughter to the UK'

A judge in Los Angeles has reportedly refused to allow Mel B to take her daughter Madison to the UK for Christmas after listening to claims that she "traumatised" by her mother the last time she was there.

"I'm not going to put this kid in harm's way,' Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas said at a hearing where Mel's ex husband Stephen Belafonte - eight-year-old Madison's father - vehemently objected to the former Spice Girl's plan to spend the holiday in England.

Mel B was not in court on Thursday but her lawyer Taline Boyamian told the judge that the singer would be arriving in LA to pick up Madison and her other daughter, Phoenix, to take them back to the UK for Christmas, according to the Daily Mail.

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Belafonte's lawyer, Michael Hanasab, told the court that when Madison went to see her mother in UK in October, the child's therapist reported that she returned "traumatised" and pleaded not to see her mother.

Boyamian told "Of course she (Mel B) will be disappointed. Maybe she'll change her plans and stay in LA for Christmas but I don't know what she'll do. I haven't spoken to her yet."