Mel B celebrates buying new home after claiming ex tried to 'destroy' her

Mel B celebrates buying new home after claiming ex tried to 'destroy' her credit:Bang Showbiz
Mel B celebrates buying new home after claiming ex tried to 'destroy' her credit:Bang Showbiz

Mel B has bought a house with her own money for the first time since her traumatic split from Stephen Belafonte.

The 48-year-old Spice Girls singer revealed she was "overwhelmed" after receiving the keys to her new home, which she bought over five years after she says her ex-husband tried to "destroy me mentally spiritually and financially".

She wrote on Instagram: "I'm soooo overwhelmed right now Sitting here with my 3 dogs not really able to speak but something has happened to me a few mins ago which is HUGE!!! I want to share it with other survivors like me coz all YOU survivors out there will know how emotional this moment is 5 mins ago a man arrived at my door with a set of keys They are the keys to my new home A house I bought with the money Ive worked bloody hard to pay for Its taken me 5+ yrs to be able to do this In 2019 I had to come back to Leeds with NOTHING in my bank account.

"The money from the spice girls tour went on ENDLESS lawyers fees his and mine Still being drained by my ex non stop demands for more more more I had to move into my mums bungalow my kids/ dogs/ low selfesteem/ failures/ divorced From Wembley stadium to my mums This is called FINANCIAL ABUSE and its ugly devastating and vile Its hard not to crumble Hard to rebuild yourself on the inside and out Ive spent sooo many nights in pieces nights Ive had to turn to the beautiful ladies at women’s aid refuge in Leeds just for words of comfort from women who GET IT I share this coz it takes a LONG LONG time to deal with the trauma when see youve been left financially at ground zero and everything you nice had was gone.

"A mans mission was to destroy me mentally spiritually and financially but I wasnt gonna let that happen I had to come back my roots back to my family in Leeds and like my dad who went to work every day on his bike never missing a single day I didnt let it happen I worked I believed I spoke up I kept going I fell down ALOT of times but I got up I found people I could trust that was hard I finally let people help me and I found SOOO much help from @womens_aid Just now when these pieces of metal were put in my hands I want all survivors to no we CAN rise like the Phoenix This will be my happy home Im thinking about my dad Im thinking about my kids and im thinking about all those survivors out there you CAN reclaim your power Trust and believe

"I just can’t stop crying ohhhh dear ffs I am happy honestly I am but I’m just overwhelmed with emotions that I have no words for,the pain the realization, the sacrifice, the understanding the nonstop stopping I’m literally exhausted I’m on my feet not knowing whether to pray forgive, be thankful all of the above I never thought things would hit me so hard like it has done right now (sic)."

Mel and Stephen began dating in February 2007 after they met on a set of the film 'Talk'.

They tied the knot just four months later and welcomed daughter Madison together in September 2011.

Mel and Stephen divorced in 2017 and he has denied all claims of physical, emotional, and financial abuse that she made against him.