Mel B leaves Saturday Kitchen fans in stitches with brutal food review

Mel B wasn't a fan of the food she was served on Saturday Kitchen
Mel B leaves Saturday Kitchen fans in stitches with brutal food review -Credit:BBC

Mel B had viewers howling with laughter over her candid critique of the cuisine on today's Saturday Kitchen. The 48-year-old Spice Girl was the star guest on the BBC programme, presented by chef Matt Tebbutt. Initially, the atmosphere was light-hearted, with Matt sharing that his favourite Spice Girls track was "Mama".

However, the mood took a turn when Matt began to prepare meals for Mel, who was refreshingly forthright in her feedback.

Matt, along with the other guests, struggled to maintain composure as Mel expressed clear disdain for the dishes presented to her. Guests on the show typically select their preferred 'food heaven' or dreaded 'food hell' beforehand; Mel's choice being ox cheek and sprouts, which she adores.

Yet, Mel was visibly repulsed when served what she considered her 'food hell' a heavy carbonara. Tasting it, she directly questioned Matt: "So this is bacon, and you didn't cut the fat off? " Despite the chefs' assurances to the contrary, she retorted: "No you didn't, look at that! " Subsequently, footage showed Mel ejecting her mouthful into a napkin while giving the camera an exasperated glance, reports the Mirror.

A crestfallen Mel then requested: "Please cook me the beef after," just as the show was concluding.

As Matt chuckled during his closing remarks, he informed Mel: "We're finished! " Unfazed, she stood up from her seat, approached him, and insisted: "No you haven't finished. I want you to cook the beef! ".

Earlier in the episode, Mel assisted Matt as he prepared pancakes with oyster sauce, but she wasn't impressed, commenting: "I'm not sure about the oyster sauce though, it's an acquired taste."

After tasting it, her reaction caused laughter throughout the studio as she remarked: "I just don't like oyster sauce, so you've kind of ruined that. I think without the oyster sauce it would be really nice."

Later, when presented with a salad containing fennel and chicory, Mel didn't hold back, calling it "horrible" and stating: "I just want some nice iceberg lettuce. Keep it simple with salad cream.'".

Mel's candid feedback was celebrated on Twitter, with fans expressing their amusement and approval. One fan tweeted: "Mel B was simply iconic on Saturday Kitchen earlier."

Another commented: "Mel B causing absolute carnage today just what a live programme needs #SaturdayKitchen."

A third fan added: "I f***ing love Mel B! Brutally honest and unscripted! Yasssss! bring her back! ".

A fourth viewer exclaimed: "There should be a red button for #SaturdayKitchen extra. I'd pay triple to see what Mel B is doing in the kitchen with Matt right now! 'NO! We're NOT finished, you're cooking me the beef! " Meanwhile, a fifth chimed in: "I officially love Mel B. Someone honest and funny on a cooking programme at last. The other cook and wine expert also getting in on the act and living it up. Matt just wanted it all to end! ".

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