Melbourne 2-Year-Old 'Very Happy' as He Finds Way Into Claw Machine

A Melbourne two-year-old found his way into a claw machine filled with toys at a local restaurant.

Ashlee Larsen, mother of two-year-old Brooklyn was eating at a local “family friendly” restaurant when she spotted that her son had crawled into the claw machine while playing in an indoor playground.

“He crawled through the door that the teddies come out of, and climbed his way up the chute into the machine,” Larsen told Storyful, adding that the footage was captured on October 28.

She said her son was initially, “very happy with himself and was throwing the toys down the chute for all his friends.” While the fire brigade was called in to help, Larsen and her partner managed to get Brooklyn out safely.

With their help, Larsen said Brooklyn “ended up crawling down backwards” out of the machine. Once released from his predicament, she said he managed to walk away with “some” toys too. Credit: Ashlee Larsen via Storyful

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