Melbourne Otters Enjoy Water Hose Fun in Habitat

A family of Asian small-clawed otters were in for a day of water fun at Melbourne Zoo when keepers brought out their hoses, creating waves in the animals’ pool.

Footage released by the zoo shows the otters splashing, twirling, and surfing against water from a hose.

Melbourne Zoo Wild Sea Life Sciences Manager Harna Burton said the otters’ love of the hose was discovered as keepers were cleaning the habitat.

“One day we noticed the otters playing and splashing in the current created by the hose, so we decided to incorporate it as part of their regular sensory enrichment schedule,” Burton said.

“They’re incredibly curious and cheeky creatures, so it’s such a joy to watch them swimming and putting their sensitive paws up against the splashing water,” she added.

The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest of the otter species and natively live in the rainforests of several Asian countries. Credit: Melbourne Zoo via Storyful