Melissa Barrera wants to star in 'Scary Movie 6,' and 'Scream' fans are READY for it

Melissa Barrera Scream Scary Movie
Melissa Barrera Scream Scary Movie

Scream VII's loss may bring a renewed life to the Scary Movie franchise.

Melissa Barrera starred in two Scream films before being fired last year for commenting on social media in support of Palestine, which seemingly got executives at Spyglass Entertainment all riled up. Co-star Jenna Ortega also left, as did director Christopher Landon, paving the way for original writer Kevin Williamson to direct the next film and Neve Campbell to return to her iconic role as Sidney Prescott.

Despite the love for Campbell and Williamson, Barrera earned overwhelming support online thanks to how she was forced out. She also clearly still has the support of her former Scream co-stars, five of whom showed up to support her at the premiere of her most recent film, Abigail.

While doing press for Abigail, the actress also weighed in on the possibility of lending her talents to the long-running Scary Movie franchise, which has parodied the Scream films (as well as its various horror contemporaries) in five different films starting in 2000. The sixth is currently in pre-production, with an anticipated 2025 release date.

"I always loved those movies," Barrera told Inverse. "When I saw [the sixth film] announced, I was like, 'Oh, that would be fun. That would be so fun to do.'"

She also noted that the Scary Movie films already have an "iconic cast," however. Anna Faris and Regina Hall headed up the first four films, and Simon Rex led the fifth after joining the cast in Scary Movie 3. No official casting announcements have been made for the next film, which will be the franchise's first since 2013.

But the possibility of Barrera playing a major role or just having a cameo seems like an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. A tweet from writer/director Brian Duffield putting forth the suggestion even went viral before Barrera's comments, showing just how into that idea horror fans are.

Make it happen, Hollywood!