Melissa Gorga Says Season 14 of ‘RHONJ’ Won’t Be Filled With ‘Family Drama’: ‘It’s Refreshing’

As Season 14 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” quickly approaches, housewives Melissa Gorga and Rachel Fuda are getting into the nitty gritty of what goes down in the upcoming episodes. They shared their thoughts with TheWrap about taping separately from their costar Teresa Giudice, who they are closest to this season and those rumors about Fuda’s husband John.

“I just think people were sick of the family drama, and they were sick of the back and forth. This year is not about that. So it’s refreshing,” Gorga told TheWrap, noting there was barely any communication with her sister-in-law this time around. “We kind of just did our own things. There were a couple events that we were together at, obviously, but very little to zero communication.”

From what fans could see in the Bravo trailer, no friend group nor romantic relationship is safe this season. Dynamics change and friends fall off, a situation Fuda said she was not expecting as she stepped into her sophomore year of “RHONJ.” Heading back to the full cast are Gorga, Fuda, Giudice, Dolores Catania, Danielle Cabral, Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin. Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler also return as friends of the show.

“Among this group of women, that was really disappointing to me. I didn’t see the dynamics necessarily changing, and they did,” Fuda explained. “It’s upsetting because when you get to know these girls, who they are, and you let them into your lives and your family, you spend time together, they become real, true friendships and relationships. And then when you start to kind of see the evolution of like, the wires coming off of who they are and what their morals are, it can sometimes be really disappointing.”

Both Fuda and Gorga said their main group of friends included Josephs and one another, with Gorga throwing in Catania as well.

“I’m very close with Dolores. I’m very close with Margaret. I’m very close with Rachel. I would say I’m closest with all three of them,” Gorga explained. “I don’t talk to my sister-in-law. Jen and I try a bit this season. There’s just so much coming out right now on social media that I just don’t know.”

While Fuda said she’s cool with Cabral now, she added that “Teresa and Jen are just not [her] kind of people,” mentioning that there’s no “hope” for a future relationship between her and Giudice.

“I don’t need people like that in my life,” Fuda reiterated.

This season, Fuda said she found her voice and is now more comfortable balancing her personal life with filming. That comes in handy, considering she will be dealing with rumors about what her husband likes to do in the bedroom. The subject will be addressed in season.

“That was something that we definitely knew was going to be talked about to some capacity,” Fuda explained. “It’s unfortunate that it was weaponized and used against him when it’s not something that he is ashamed of … it’s not anyone else’s story to tell except my husband’s, and that opportunity was taken away from him.”

For now, both ladies are going to “roll with the punches,” no matter how strenuous some relationships on the show may be. However, Gorga admitted she wouldn’t be opposed to eventual casting news.

“As far as the cast changing, I hope so. We’ll see. I love some of them, too. I mean, we’ll see. That’s Bravo’s situation and Bravo’s deal, so they’ll figure that all out. For me, I just do me no matter who’s on the show,” she said.

Ultimately, Gorga promised “shocking” moments viewers should stay tuned for.

“The finale is very ‘wow’ for me. I just can’t believe … Like, everyone will see why I have turned it off after they see that finale,” she said, referring to her longstanding familial issues. “It’s related to family in general.”

Season 14 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” debuts Sunday, May 5, on Bravo before airing the next day on Peacock.

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