'Men in balaclavas' spotted in car at Birmingham Airport as police say 'well played'

Two seat head covers which resemble white balaclavas that BHX police say they were;'t caught out by this time - unlike covers that resembled people in March
-Credit: (Image: Birmingham Airport Police)

Birmingham Airport police went to check out 'suspicious looking characters' in cars - but weren't fooled by the odd sight. The vehicle sported seat covers that looked like two passengers, with the eyes and nose holes cut out.

From a distance, the pair looked like two balaclava clad men, which caused police to investigate the incident.

The officers saw the funny side to it once they realised the error and posted it to X, formerly Twitter.

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“To whoever owns these car seat cover, well played! Our officers spotted some "suspicious people" that hadn't left their car for some time and went to investigate!”

It followed another incident back in march, where police investigated “suspicious passengers” that turned out to be seat covers resembling two people.

The one dimensional passengers looked very convincing - enough to warrant a police response and elicited a wealth of replies to the social media post.

Replies to the post ‘took off’ with members of the public responding and joking back with the officers.

Maurice_1960 quipped: “They are actually dehydrated.” Dom said: “Saw similar last week on a MG3 very life like. Looking for some for our VW Caddy van..”

Salvatore Amico said: “I see a smiley face seat cover on a car I pass every morning. It looks like there is a passenger in the front seat.

“It always makes me jump and creeps me out, because it’s a big smiling emoji.” Richard Stoyle said: “Lucky they had clothes on lol.”

One respondent NH Wayne said that “they were popular a few years ago when there were dedicated road lanes for cars with more than one occupant. If you used the lane with only the driver then you would get caught by a camera and subsequently fined.”

Others praised the officer’s good humour, with Brian Downes praising the police for being “good sports for posting it.”

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