Meri Brown Says She Is No Longer Allowing Others to 'Dictate' Who She Is After Kody Brown Split

The 'Sister Wives' star reminded fans that "you don't need to earn anything, prove anything, or be anything other than who you are"

<p>Meri Brown/ Instagram</p> Meri Brown

Meri Brown/ Instagram

Meri Brown

Meri Brown knows her true worth!

Over the weekend, the Sister Wives star, 52, visited the Museum of Ice Cream in New York and shared her “message to the world” at the “fun and interactive” attraction.

“Worthy Up!” she wrote with letters on a magnetic bulletin board. “Reminding you that because you exist, you are worthy!”

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The TLC star elaborated on the importance of her message in her Instagram caption, writing, “You don't need to earn anything, prove anything, or be anything other than who you are. You deserve love, you deserve to be seen and heard, and you deserve to exist as you are and in your full glory, simply because you're YOU!”

“We all have moments where we feel unworthy, or feel like we have to prove something, or even worse, allow other people's opinions or pressures of the world around us, to dictate who we are,” she added. “Let's stop that!”

She concluded her message with a reminder to fans, sharing, “Let's step into our power, and simply BE! Let's cheer on those around us to simply BE! Let's Worthy Up!! Worthy Up with me, Friends! We got this! #WorthyUp #GreatnessBeginsToday #NewYorkStateOfMind

Meri Brown/Instagram; TLC Meri Brown, Kody Brown
Meri Brown/Instagram; TLC Meri Brown, Kody Brown

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In the months since her split from her husband of 32 years, Kody Brown, Meri has undergone what she called “a season of change.”

In a lengthy update shared on her Instagram last month, she reflected on the last year of her life, noting how it has been “a time to look inward, decide what is me now, what is not anymore.”

Alongside her smiling selfie, Meri revealed she was “letting go” of the past, and instead focusing on what comes next.

“It's a time to create the updated version of me, and in doing that I'm not afraid to retreat into myself at times while I learn, create, and become, all the new parts of me," she wrote.

<p>Meri Brown/Instagram</p> Meri Brown

Meri Brown/Instagram

Meri Brown

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Of her split with Kody, 54 — which came after his separation from Christine Brown in 2021, and was announced in tandem with his split from his third wife, Janelle Brown, in a shocking season finale last year — Meri has been open about her realizations about their relationship.

In June, she shared a video on TikTok advising followers to trust their gut as she reflected on her own lack of trust in herself. “We don't trust ourselves as much as we should,” she said.

She admitted that she was working on “having the courage to be true and authentic to myself, to be able to do and say the things that I know that I need to do because ultimately, when you trust yourself and you act on that trust, it's going to give you more power in the long run.”

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