‘Merry Wigmas!’ Brooklyn Friends' Hilarious Holiday Wig Exchange Goes Viral

A group of friends in Brooklyn, New York, held their first annual holiday wig exchange on December 9.

Video filmed by Jessica and Jillian Lock shows each person fitting themselves with a wig cap before trying on their wig for the first time in the “White Elephant” gift exchange. The participants each brought a wig, wrapped or in a bag, and drew a number from a hat to determine the order of selection.

“Originally the idea was that we would do a true White Elephant where you can steal someone else’s wig, but each one turned out to be so perfect for each person we stuck with our original random picks,” participant Emma Kozitzky told Storyful.

The Locks told Storyful the the only rule was a 25-dollar spending limit for each wig.

“New tradition unlocked,” they wrote in their post on TikTok.

The video amassed over 78,000 likes and more than 500,000 views on TikTok in less than 24 hours. Credit: Jessica and Jillian Lock via Storyful

Video transcript