Met Office announces marked weather shift and says 'it'll feel very different'

The UK is set for a late April roaster as temperatures jump 17C from lows which hovered around freezing earlier this week. The UK is set for a return of hot conditions within hours - as Friday and Saturday, April 19 and April 20, see the weather turn balmy after last weekend's 21.5C highs.

"High pressure will return for the weekend, so it will feel very different on the weekend to what many are experiencing now. The best weather on the weekend will be in the south and the west as these areas will hold on to the brighter and sunnier conditions for the longest. We are looking at highs of 16C or 17C," Oli Claydon said.

Mr Calydon added: "It could be May into June that we meet the heatwave threshold as there's nothing to indicate it sooner. There is some pleasant weather forecast this weekend for many, which will be a boost after unsettled weather recently."

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Looking at Friday in the UK, the Met Office forecast explains: "A mild but cloudier start with patchy outbreaks of rain in the morning. Sunny breaks developing in the afternoon with the a few showers, mainly in the east. A brisk northwesterly breeze."

With an eye on Friday night, the forecasters and meteorologists go on to add: "Any showers soon dying out to leave a dry night with plenty of clear spells. Turning chilly with winds easing to give a touch of frost in rural spots."

"A chilly and possibly frosty start for some. Otherwise, a dry day to follow with cloud building through the afternoon. Lighter winds with temperatures around," it says of Saturday. And the early outlook for the forthcoming weekend and into early next week has also been published.

The Met Office says: "Cloudier on Sunday with patchy rain or showers possible, this continuing into the new week with sunny breaks at times. Generally light winds and temperatures around average."