Met Office and BBC say 'intense' weather shift to hit with four English cities taking brunt

The UK is poised to be battered by ferocious winds as the Met Office plasters warnings over half the country. A yellow weather warning for wind, lasting until 10pm on Monday night, will hit half of the UK, affecting swathes of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

BBC weather forecaster Helen Willetts said: "Some turbulent weather ahead for the next day or two. Low pressure driving in off the Atlantic giving heavy, thundery and intense showers. Rain, sprays, standing water, tricky conditions on the roads, particularly adding the strength of the wind.

"Look at the tightly packed isobars, there will be strong to gale force winds buffeting the UK for much of Monday and into Tuesday and it is coming down from the north west and into Tuesday it will start to come from the north so it will feel much colder than it has, temperatures below average.”

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Cities, including Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham, will all face the rough weather conditions. The Met Office forecast states: "A narrow band of squally heavy rain clearing England and Wales by late morning.

"Blustery showers, with hail and thunder already in the north spreading to all parts during the afternoon. Feeling colder than of late, with gusty winds." Looking ahead to tonight, it adds: "Showers dying out across much of the country, but persisting across the Northern Isles and along North Sea coasts.

"Clear spells developing, but remaining rather windy." It goes on: "Drier on Tuesday with sunny spells and scattered showers, these mostly in the north and west, but also across the south and east at first. Feeling chilly with blustery winds."

Its outlook for Wednesday to Friday this week continues: "Mostly dry on Wednesday with rain in the northwest later. Rather cloudy on Thursday with light rain spreading south. Cloudy for some on Friday. Winds easing as temperatures recover later."

The BBC says: "Showery rain clearing to the south-east this morning. This will leave a mix of sunny spells and scattered, heavy showers, some thundery in the east and wintry in northern and western hills. Cooler. Tonight will see a mix of clear spells and variable cloud with blustery showers in the east. Some of the showers will be heavy. Turning largely dry with clearer skies in the west."