Met Office issues hay fever warning as pollen levels rise across Yorkshire

Young man with glasses sneezing, wiping his nose with a piece of tissue paper
-Credit: (Image: Getty/Guillermo Spelucin R.)

Hayfever sufferers have been issued with a warning from the Met Office as pollen levels are set to rise across the county on Tuesday.

Pollen maps from the Met Office show levels will be ‘high’ across Yorkshire on Tuesday (July 2) - an increase from the ‘moderate’ levels seen on Monday.

It comes after a weekend pollen bomb hit the county, which saw misery for hay fever sufferers as the pollen count reached ‘very high’ levels.

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The pollen count will be high across Yorkshire on Tuesday, July 1 -Credit:Met Office
The pollen count will be high across Yorkshire on Tuesday, July 1 -Credit:Met Office

The Met Office is warning that, once again, grass pollen will be the main culprit. They said: “Grass pollen will rise in warm, dry weather. Nettle, dock & plantain too. Spores: A little Alternaria & medium Cladosporium when warm; Leptosphaeria after rain.”

Tuesday’s high pollen levels are set to arrive alongside a day of cloudy and breezy conditions, with some rain expected.

The Met Office weather forecast for Yorkshire on Tuesday, July 2, is: “A likely dry start but rather cloudy and breezy once again on Tuesday, with the odd shower likely into the afternoon and evening. Maximum temperature 19 °C.”

Some relief is set to arrive for hay fever sufferers on Wednesday (July 3), where pollen levels return to ‘moderate’, where they are also forecast to stay for the remainder of the week.

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