Met Office Nottingham 'tornado' verdict: Expert speaks out on West Bridgford weather conditions

Police at the scene of a collapsed tree in West Bridgford, with a crashed tree seen at the end of a road and a police car seen parked in front of it
Police at the scene of a collapsed tree in West Bridgford -Credit:Nottingham Post/Joseph Connolly

The Met Office says it is possible that parts of Nottinghamshire saw a short-lived tornado as trees crashed into roads and homes were damaged. The entire county was covered by a yellow weather warning for strong winds lasting until 10pm on Monday (April 15).

Parts of West Bridgford saw some of the most significant damage, with scores of trees having crashed into residential roads. An electricity pylon was knocked out and some residents described the weather in the area as a "mini-tornado."

The Met Office now says that there was the potential for short-lived tornadoes to develop in Nottinghamshire on Monday morning. A spokesperson for the agency said: "The fronts moving southwards this morning had the potential for short-lived tornadoes to develop which could have caused impacts for some.

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"Due to how short-lived these features are, they often aren't captured by radar imagery so can only be assessed by looking at the evidence on the ground. Tornadoes do happen in the UK and are generally short-lived. Around 30 a year are reported in the UK, on average."

The Met Office describes a tornado as a "rapidly rotating column of air that reaches between the base of a storm cloud and the Earth's surface." A whirring mass of air, known as a vortex, forms beneath the storm cloud and if this vortex touches the ground, it becomes classified as a tornado.

At that point, the Met Office says: "The tornado then moves across the surface causing severe damage or destruction to objects in its path." In terms of its outlook for the rest of the week in Nottinghamshire, the Met Office says: "Winds will ease overnight tonight and the rest of the working week will see a mix of sunshine and showers, albeit with some cool nights to come.

"There's a signal for more settled weather to develop over the weekend, with high pressure arriving from the west and reducing the frequency of rain, which will be much-needed for many after a wet few weeks and months."