Met Office reveals when Coventry and Warwickshire will see 20C 'heatwave'

Temperatures will be rising to 20C in Coventry and Warwickshire
Temperatures will be rising to 20C in Coventry and Warwickshire -Credit:Reach

Coventry is set for a mini-heatwave with 'above normal' temperatures and 'very warm days' ahead, the Met Office has predicted. It comes after a spell of unsettled weather in April.

Temperatures have soared this weekend with highs of 18C. Forecasters have said this same temperature is set to carry over to Bank Holiday Monday (May 6).

According to a long-range forecast from the Met Office, the trend will be continuing with some 'warm days' ahead, reports the Daily Mirror. Highs of 20C are expected on Thursday, May 9, and will remain in place until at least Saturday, May 11, the Met Office said.

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A spokesman for the Met Office said that it will feel 'very warm' in the coming days with 'bright and sunny spells' in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Conditions are then expected to become 'less settled' as we move towards June.

In a long-range forecast from May 9 to 18, the Met Office said: “A continuation of fine weather through the weekend seems likely for most, before a return of less settled conditions during the following week. Temperatures are expected to be slightly above normal for early May, with some very warm days possible.”

Forecast for Coventry and Warwickshire

Today: A pleasant day on offer with plenty of warm sunshine, but with some high cloud building later, says the Met Office. Maximum: 18C.

Tonight: Cloud gradually increasing through the evening with the odd patch of light rain or drizzle possible overnight, says the Met Office. Minimum: 9C.

Monday: Cloudy but with some bright or sunny spells and scattered showers developing through the afternoon, says the Met Office. Maximum: 19C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: High pressure builds throughout the period bringing settled conditions, says the Met Office.

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