Met Office says temperatures of minus 2C to follow UK's hottest day so far

Spring weather Apr 12th 2024
The lovely spring weather has seen lots of people take advantage of green spaces -Credit:PA Wire/PA Images

The hottest day of the year so far will be followed by temperatures of minus 2C in parts of the UK, the Met Office has said. Many enjoyed a warm and sunny Saturday, but forecasters say temperatures will drop as the working week begins.

Sunbathers were photographed in parks and on beaches across the UK as temperatures soared well above the national average of 13-14C. The highest UK temperature of 2024 was 21.8C recorded in Writtle, Essex, on Saturday.

Scotland also recorded well above its normal April temperatures of 10C, with Aberdeenshire in the east reaching 16.7C.

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But on Saturday night, temperatures could hit minus 2-3C in rural parts of Scotland and even further south they will stay in the single figures, the Met Office forecasted.

Meteorologist Ellie Glaisyer said it will be a "chilly start to the day for all on Sunday", but that it will be dry and there will be "plenty of sunshine in the morning".

Sunday is expected bring highs of just 14-15C in the south east of England and 10 to 12C in the North. Temperatures will continue to drop throughout the week and are not expected to exceed the April average.

Ms Glaisyer said: "Lower pressure sits out towards north of the UK, slowly sinking its way southwards for the rest of the weekend and into the start of the working week, it will bring with it some colder north-westerly winds."

Snow could even fall in the higher parts of the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Monday, which forecasters say "will be showery across the board".

Hail and thunder may sweep across Wales and northern parts of England too.

Temperatures will only reach around 11-13C in the South that day, and "struggle to reach double figures" in the north, Ms Glaisyer said. She added: "It's a bit of a drier start for the weekend for us, but that doesn't last too long because showers are on their way."