Met Office verdict over when sunshine will return before UK heatwave 'hotter than Turkey'

The Met Office has spoken out with its official verdict amid reports the UK could be hotter than TURKEY next week. Maps from WXCharts, which use Met Desk data, show temperatures hit 25C in a sizzling mini-heatwave across the country.

Istanbul is predicted to be approximately 22C. The Met Office said: "Beyond five days, we are not able to provide figures for temperature expectations. This is because when looking at forecasts beyond five days into the future, the chaotic nature of the atmosphere starts to come into play - small events currently over the Atlantic can have potentially significant impacts on our weather in the UK in several days' time."

"Therefore while we can still forecast the general feel of the weather to a relatively high level of accuracy using our ensemble models, it becomes harder to offer local detail to as high a level of accuracy as our shorter range forecasts," the forecasters said.

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The balmy conditions are expected between May 25 and May 29, WX Charts shows. Looking ahead from May 26 to June 4, the Met Office said "warm sunshine" could return. It said: "On Sunday, the weather is likely to be a mix of showers and warm sunshine. A band of rain may move in from the west later, but this will become weak as it pushes east across the UK.

"By Bank Holiday Monday, there may still be some showers around, otherwise it will be dry and fine, and feeling warm in the sunshine. Into the following week, once any showers have cleared, more settled conditions are more likely for most, with the best of the weather likely in the southwest.

"Rain may threaten northwestern areas at times, and there is a chance that southern or eastern areas may see the odd heavy or thundery outbreak of showers. Temperatures are likely to remain a little above average, with some regional variation."