Met Office weather map shows exactly where temperatures will climb to 20C in UK today amid 'mini-heatwave'

Temperatures will reach highs of 20C in some parts of the country -Credit:Met Office
Temperatures will reach highs of 20C in some parts of the country -Credit:Met Office

The UK is set for much warmer weather over the next few days in what has been dubbed a 'mini-heatwave'. Temperatures will rise significantly in some parts of the country today (April 12) with highs of 20C and 'warm sunshine', according to the Met Office.

But despite hotter temperatures, the Met Office has addressed whether or not people are correct in calling this bout of warm weather a 'mini-heatwave'. Experts at the national weather service have confirmed that for an extended period to be called a heatwave, temperatures must reach between 25C to 28C for at least three consecutive days, depending on the region.

This criteria means that the current conditions aren't likely to be classed a heatwave, but it's guaranteed to feel much warmer than usual. The Met Office says that it will feel 'very warm in the sunshine, especially in the east', though rather cloudy with 'patchy rain' in the north.

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The latest Met Office weather map shows that from around 3pm, some parts of the south east of England will see temperatures reach 20C - specifically those living in London and Rochester.

By 4pm, several more southern areas will see highs of 20C, including Reading, Ipswich and Chelmsford, whilst surrounding areas such as Cambridge, St Albans and Oxford will see temperatures reach a warm 19C.

Up north, Manchester will reach a high of 17C at around 3pm today whilst temperatures in Derby and Nottingham will soar to 18C around 4pm. These warm spells will only typically last a couple of hours though, with temperatures dropping into the evening.

The Met Office says: "Further rain and drizzle in the northwest of the UK where winds pick up with some coastal gales. Low cloud in the west which feeds inland. Clearer in the east."

Heading into the weekend, 'patchy' low clouds should clear quickly in the south, says the Met Office, with warm temperatures which are less likely to reach the 20C mark. There will be showers in the northwest, some heavy with thunder, as cooler temperatures of around 13C to 16C are expected in the north.