Met Police officer had sex with domestic abuse victim after arresting her boyfriend

Metropolitan Police (PA) (PA Archive)
Metropolitan Police (PA) (PA Archive)

A Metropolitan Police officer who had sex with a domestic violence victim after arresting her boyfriend would have been sacked had he not resigned.

PC Paul Onslow, based in south east London, returned to Miss A’s flat soon after her partner was taken away, a misconduct hearing was told.

Within minutes, he turned off his body-worn camera to ask if she fancied him.

Onslow was found to have breached standards of professional behaviour by engaging in an inappropriate relationship with the woman between August 2019 and October 2021.

The panel, chaired by Maurice Cohen, found allegations proven to gross misconduct and ruled that Onslow would have been dismissed if still serving.

On August 7, 2019, Miss A called police around 7pm stating that she had broken up with her boyfriend and that he was trying to push her out of their property.

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The aggressive suspect made violent threats towards the victim, who had a small cut to her thumb and torn jeans.

Onslow assisted with his arrest but later went back to Miss A’s home in order to take a statement and fill out a risk assessment.

The “vulnerable” woman said a row erupted from his jealousy and suspicion that she was having an affair having returned from Paris with their child.

Onslow later accepted that while making notes of Miss A’s complaint, he asked her if she found him attractive.

A week later, the officer came back to the flat at 3am after a shift “taking milk so they could have tea together” but subsequently, they hugged and kissed. Onslow stayed until 8 or 9 am.

Scotland Yard headquarters of the Metropolitan Police (Kirsty O’Connor/PA) (PA Wire)
Scotland Yard headquarters of the Metropolitan Police (Kirsty O’Connor/PA) (PA Wire)

A relationship ensued between the pair even though Onslow was at the time living with his former girlfriend and child.

Miss A provided him with a key to her flat and said there was “an instant mutual attraction”.

But the relationship turned sour when Onslow didn’t end his friendship with his ex in June 2021 and blocked her on WhatsApp. Onslow resigned from the force in October of that year. It is not known what happened to the boyfriend of Miss A.

Panel chair Mr Cohen said: “Onslow’s actions in turning off his body-worn video at a time when he was undertaking a risk assessment of Miss A and during which he asked her if she fancied him were regarded by the panel as being particularly concerning.

“In considering mitigating features, the panel noted that former officer Onslow has a previous unblemished career over 15 years and has received commendations from his borough commander.”

Commander Trevor Lawry said: “It is unacceptable for any police officer to use his position to begin a relationship.

“Police officers have a privileged position of power and they need to maintain the upmost level of conduct at all times.”