Meteor-like object spotted shooting over Somerset

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 The Russian meteor-like object hurtling through the British sky

A wildlife photographer was left baffled after capturing this Russian meteor-like object hurtling through the British sky.

Stunned Annie Henderson, 65, was taking pictures of starlings on the Somerset Levels with a friend when she saw the bright light moving at high speed.

She took a number of shots of the spectacle and was amazed when she blew them up on her computer the next day.

The distant light appears to be burning with flaming gases shooting off its form, baffling the retired garden centre owner.

Annie, who is keen wildlife photographer, captured the image on February 6 over the Avalon Marshes nature reserve at Shapwick Heath, Somerset.

She said: "We were out photographing the starlings at 5.25pm and saw the bright thing in the sky, but thought it was just a high flying plane or a satellite.

"It was only the next morning that I uploaded the pictures on my computer and saw what was on the pictures when I zoomed in.

"I didn’t know what to think, it was amazing. There was no sound and you could see it with the naked eye.

"I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I’ve lived on the levels for 17 years. Nobody seems to know what it was."

On Friday a meteor crashed in Russia's Ural mountains - injuring at least 950 people, as the shockwave blew out windows and rocked buildings.

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