Mexican fashion show promotes diversity and acceptance

STORY: The event was held at La Mexicana Park, western Mexico City, featured 25 models - 15 of which live with a disability - who proudly walked down the runway, showcasing a variety of outfits by Mexican designers.

Groups "Cambiando Modelos" (Changing Models) and Kadima hope the show will help to change the way disability is seen.

The founder of the group, Silke Lubzik, said, ''The importance of the catwalk is to show human diversity. We are all different, regardless of our skin colour, our hair colour, or our preferences, we are all different, and diversity is what makes a society successful and rich. This catwalk seeks to send that message, to embrace the diversity of any human being."

For those who participated in the All Inclusive Runway, this was an opportunity for inclusivity and many said they hope that the visibility that comes with an event like this will change perceptions.

'"Unfortunately, society keeps pigeonholing us, stigmatising us. They don't see beyond our disability. This helps me because look at me, I am Uriel, a man, a son, a brother, a friend. I am more than my disability and can do the same as anyone else,' said model Uriel Osorio.