Mia Goth sued over alleged kick to background actor

Mia Goth is facing a lawsuit from an actor who claims she intentionally kicked him in the head while filming her latest movie MaXXXine.

James Hunter claims that he suffered a concussion due to Goth's alleged kick during production on the horror sequel.

In his lawsuit, Hunter alleges he was hired for three days of work to play a 'Dead Parishioner' and lay on the ground for several hours covered in fake blood among insects, according to Variety.

He claims Goth was supposed to run, step over him, look down, and keep running. However, during the fourth take, he states Goth nearly stepped on him, prompting a complaint.

According to the lawsuit, during the next take, the 30-year-old actress deliberately kicked him in the head while acting out the scene. He also alleges Goth came into a bathroom and "taunted, mocked and belittled" him over his inability to take action against her.

Hunter claims that he felt lightheaded on the drive home and had to pull over twice and that the casting agency then told him not to return for the remaining days of his time on the shoot.

The legal claim accuses Goth of battery and alleges wrongful termination by the production company, A24, Goth, and MaXXXine's director Ti West.

In the X trilogy of horror movies set in the pornographic industry Goth stars as two characters, Maxine Minx and Pearl.