Michael B. Jordan 'apologised' to his mom for underwear advert

Michael B. Jordan said "sorry" to his mom after starring in an underwear advert.

The 36-year-old actor starred in Calvin Klein's Spring/Summer 2023 campaign - but Michael has confessed to being slightly embarrassed by the eye-catching photos of him in his underwear.

Michael told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I was like, my mama gon' have to see this. Let me call her and be like, 'I'm sorry. It's out here.' My business all out in the streets - literally."

Michael is currently promoting 'Creed III', which he stars in an directs, and the actor feels he's reached a landmark moment in his career.

He explained: "This was like, a moment, you know? Just to have everything come together at one time, it feels great. And to be able to share that moment with my other actors, who are having a moment of their own as well, it just feels special.

"It feels like everything is happening at the right time."

Meanwhile, Michael recently revealed that he plans to be "responsible" with his next romance.

The actor split from Lori Harvey in June, and Michael explained that his next relationship will happen "when it's supposed to happen".

He said: "Of course I think about it, but I definitely want to try to be responsible with that, knowing how I wanted to be as present as possible. It's gonna happen when it's supposed to happen."

Michael also claimed that he learned a lot through his split from Lori.

He explained: "I'm a firm believer in that what's for you is what's for you, and coming out of that situation - not to give it, you know, any energy and kind of move from that - is you know, it was an experience for me to grow and learn."