Michael Caine's 2 Children: All About Dominique and Natasha

The English actor is a father of two adult daughters


Michael Caine is often considered one of the greatest actors of his time, having many award-winning performances to his name. Still, when it comes to his personal life, his family is his greatest achievement.

The Dark Knight star is a father to two adult daughters: Dominique, 67, whom he shared with his first wife Patricia Haines, and Natasha, 50, whom he welcomed with his wife, Shakira Caine.

"I'm one of the most family-oriented men you'll ever meet," Caine previously told PEOPLE.

While the British actor's successful career has certainly kept him busy over the decades, Caine has always maintained a work-life balance and prioritizes time with his family.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2010, he said: "My life is not acting or Hollywood. My family is my life. Relationships and friends, that's all I need. Whether I'm working or not, at half past five I take off my shoes and have a cup of tea. I don't let this business rule me."

While both of his daughters prefer to stay out of the spotlight and maintain a low profile, it's evident how much Caine adores them.

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Dominique Caine, 67

Fred Duval/FilmMagic
Fred Duval/FilmMagic

The actor's first child, Dominique, who also goes by the nickname "Nikki," was born in 1956 to Caine and his first wife, English actress Patricia Haines. The couple divorced a few years later in 1958, and Haines died in 1977.

Not much is known about Dominique, except that she's a keen equestrian. She currently owns a horse farm and, according to Bracknell News, Dominique's love for riding shined through at her 1981 wedding to international show jumper Rowland Fernyhough. Caine gave his daughter away, beaming alongside Dominique as they posed for wedding photos.

In 2007, Caine released a mixtape after revealing that he had been making tapes and CDs for himself and his friends for over 40 years. While the mixtape — titled Cained — wasn't a commercial success, his daughters supported the release.

George Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty
George Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty

"It's [cleverer] than the rest. It's smoother and, you know, more romantic. I love it. I made the tapes for my family," he told Rolling Stone. "I made about a dozen of them, but Cained wasn't a success so they never asked me to make another one. But my daughters and everyone put them in their cars."

Natasha Caine, 50

Dave Benett/Getty
Dave Benett/Getty

Caine shares his younger daughter Natasha with his current wife, Shakira. Natasha was born in 1973, the same year her parents wed.

A former model, Natasha turned her attention to property development in the early aughts. Along with her now ex-husband Michael Hall (the couple married in 2007 and divorced in 2013), Natasha worked on developing luxury villas.

The love for home design runs in the family, as Natasha explained to the British property show A Place in the Sun in 2008: "My dad has a keen eye for property. He has always bought well."

Natasha is half-Guyanese and shares three kids with Hall: two boys and a girl. Their son is named Taylor Michael Caine Hall, which is a heartfelt tribute to Natasha's dad, and the ex-couple also shares twins Miles and Allegra.

"I'm a big family man. I've got two grandsons … and I love 'em to bits," Caine told the Radio Times. "I became a bit of a hero to them. I was watching cartoons with the eldest and a trailer for one of the Batman films came on and there's me with Batman. He said, 'Do you know Batman?' I said casually, 'Yeah, he's a friend of mine...' "

Dave Benett/Getty
Dave Benett/Getty

Natasha now lives in London with her kids. Caine packed up his country home and moved back to the city to be closer to his daughter and three grandchildren.

"I'm going to get a smaller [house]" he told The Guardian in a 2021 interview. "Because the grandchildren have all gone now. They're all growing up. So I'm going to move back to be nearer to them, where it's easier for them to visit. I'm going to move to Wimbledon. My daughter, Natasha, lives in Wimbledon."

The family is still as close as ever, with Caine often spotted dining out with his wife and younger daughter. In December 2021, the trio was seen smiling as they headed to dinner in London, per photos obtained by the Daily Express.

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