Michael Cohen's Tweets Mocking Donald Trump Draw Laughs From Courtroom


A gag order hearing during Donald Trump’s first criminal trial in New York went a bit sideways Thursday morning, as Trump attorney Todd Blanche entered into the record a series of tweets mocking his client ― drawing laughs from the courtroom.

Blanche was attempting to persuade Judge Juan Merchan that Trump should be able to defend himself from such attacks, even if they’re made by witnesses in the former president’s hush money case.

But the argument didn’t quite land.

One series of tweets from former Trump fixer Michael Cohen repeatedly employed a nickname for Trump, “Von ShitzInPantz,” which Blanche read aloud for those in attendance — including his client.

Blanche also said that Cohen had retweeted an edited image of Trump as a pudgy, bright orange superhero named “Super Victim,” with the image sparking laughter in the courtroom.

“Everyone can say what they want in this case except President Trump,” Blanche asserted.

Not buying the argument, Merchan fired back: “They’re not defendants in this case. That’s a very significant issue you’re overlooking.”

Thursday’s hearing concerned the prosecution’s belief that Trump has violated a gag order four times since Tuesday, when the court found him in contempt for nine such violations.

Trump is reportedly quite unhappy with the performance of his defense team in general and Blanche in particular, with insiders telling The New York Times that he thinks Blanche should be more aggressive.