Michael Douglas ‘really blessed’ over latest role in The Kominsky Method

Michael Douglas compared getting older to being a marathon runner and said his latest role made him feel “blessed”.

Oscar winner Douglas plays a Hollywood star passing on his knowledge to the next generation of actors in Netflix’s comedy drama The Kominsky Method.

Douglas, 74, features alongside fellow veteran and Academy Award winner Alan Arkin, 84, who stars as his long-term agent.

Asked how it felt to grow old in Hollywood and in life generally, he told the Press Association: “You have a little more appreciation for it, the equivalent of a marathon runner. You’re still standing up here doing it.

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas compared getting older to being a marathon runner (Ian West/PA)

“And really blessed to be doing something like The Kominsky Method at this time of your life with so many good people, the fact you’re still doing good work is much appreciated.”

Douglas, who has enjoyed a glittering career in Hollywood starring in films including Wall Street, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, said the role was not biographical.

The Kominsky Method is created by Chuck Lorre, often called ‘King of the Sitcoms’ due to his success with shows such as Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

Lorre, 66, said he wanted to write about age because he is experiencing the challenges growing older brings.

Alan Arkin
Michael Douglas stars alongside Alan Arkin in The Kominsky Method (Ian West/PA)

He said: “I think primarily it’s about age, Hollywood is secondary. I wanted to write about it because I’m living it, getting older. If you’re lucky to stick around, you get older.

“I’m perverse enough to think it’s funny as things start to go wrong, as problems start to come up as you get older, you can cry or you can laugh, you have a choice.

“Those last chapters in life, where your body is falling apart, your friends are dying, you’re trying to figure out if you’re relevant anymore.

“A lot of things start happening as you get older that you’re not anticipating and you’re not prepared for.”

The Kominsky Method will be streaming on Netflix from November 16.