Michael Gove bundled out of Victoria station after being mobbed by pro-Palestinian protesters

Michael Gove had to be bundled out of Victoria station into a police van after being mobbed by pro-Palestinian protesters chanting: “Shame on you.”

The Housing Secretary, wearing a black suit, was escorted from the “mad pile-in” at the central London station as police held back demonstrators attempting to swarm around him.

The incident was captured on video and posted on social media. Dozens of protesters were seen crowding the Cabinet minister as he approached an exit from the station.

Liz Cookman, a journalist, said Mr Gove was targeted after appearing at the station midway through a pro-Palestinian sit-in.

Sharing a 20-second clip on Twitter, she wrote: “There was just a mad pile-in at London’s Victoria station as Michael Gove appeared, for some bizarre reason, in the middle of a sit in protest for Palestine. He was greeted with screams of ‘shame on you’.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters at Victoria Station called for a Gaza ceasefire
Pro-Palestinian protesters at Victoria Station called for a Gaza ceasefire - Mike Ruane/Story Picture Agency

Bethany Rielly, the co-editor of the New Internationalist magazine, also posted a clip of the encounter, tweeting: “Bad time for Michael Gove to pass through #Victoria.”

Around 40 minutes earlier, Ms Rielly had shared a video of the sit-in protest, where demonstrators could be heard chanting “ceasefire now” and waving placards that said “stop the war on Gaza”.

Sir Michael Fabricant, a Tory MP, condemned what he described as a “hateful mob”.

In response to separate footage of protesters following Mr Gove down a street while chanting: “Shame on you,” Baroness Foster, the DUP leader, wrote on X: “This is so disgraceful. Sending solidarity to @‌michaelgove and all those who seek to go about their private business on a Saturday afternoon but who are intimidated by thugs.”

It comes as 300,000 people descended on the streets of London to protest against Israel’s strikes on Gaza. Some protesters were seen on Saturday carrying “extreme anti-Semitic” signs comparing Gaza to Auschwitz and Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler.

As many as 92 counter-protesters have been arrested after clashes between the far-Right and police at Armistice Day events.