Unearthed footage shows Michael Jackson giggling and quoting bible verses when questioned about child molestation

Jackson in 1993 (Getty Images)
Jackson in 1993 (Getty Images)

A new video has been unearthed showing the late Michael Jackson giggling, squirming and quoting Bible verses as he is questioned by a lawyer about alleged child molestation.

The video, obtained by MailOnline, shows the late star, then 37, answering questions about his relationship with the then underage Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin and additional male underage friends Jordan Chandler and Brett Barnes.

Filmed in 1996, at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, the three hour interview was filmed as part of a lawsuit filed by a group of five former Neverland Ranch employees, accusing Jackson of unfair dismissal.

Within the lawsuit, they claimed Jackson had threatened dismissal when they witnessed him behaving inappropriately with underage guests at the property.

In the footage, Jackson is showed to giggle as he is questioned over the molestation charges bought against him in 1993.

“In the latter portion of 1993, there were some allegations levelled at you concerning improper conduct with some young boys. Are you aware of this?”

A smirking Jackson giggles and replies “Yes” to this and a series of questions regarding the case, before his own lawyer interrupts him and prevents him from questioning him about Jordan Chandler.

Chandler is the young boy whose parents accused Jackson of molesting him in 1993, for which Jackson allegedly settled out of court with a more than $20 million (£15.3 million) settlement payment.

Michael Jackson with Jordan Chandler at EuroDisney in 1992. (Getty Images)
Michael Jackson with Jordan Chandler at EuroDisney in 1992. (Getty Images)

The lawyer then asks Jackson is he is aware of claims he molested Macaulay Culkin, to which his own lawyer interjects with: “That’s an instruction not to answer on that one”

Later on in the same video footage, Jackson reads out notes he’d written about the various rumours about him reported in the press.

“I’m a black American man and I’m proud of it, and I’m honoured of it. The bleach skin rumour is a rumour, I don’t bleach my skin; I’m not gay. Don’t judge a person unless you have spoken to them one on one – which is true,” he said.

He also went on to ramble about how he is similar to Jesus Christ, and how Jesus too had a love for children.

“Jesus said to love the children and be like children; be youthful; be innocent, be pure and honourable.

“He was talking to his apostles and they were fighting over who was the greatest among themselves and he said, ‘Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest among me.’

“He always surrounded himself with children, and that’s how I was raised, to be like that and imitate that,” he said.

This footage comes a week after Leaving Neverland premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in Utah, USA.

The damning two-part documentary, which will be aired on Channel 4 later this year, tells the molestation allegations against Jackson by Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

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