Michelin-starred chef sparks debate after claiming Pizza Express serve best pizza in capital

Marcus Wareing (Getty Images)
Marcus Wareing (Getty Images)

A Michelin-starred chef sparked a furious online debate after claiming that Pizza Express serve the best pizza in London.

Marcus Wareing, who stars in MasterChef: the Professionals, also revealed that his favourite item on the menu is the “American Hot”, a pepperoni and paprika creation that comes with a choice of hot green or jalapeño peppers.

Asked to name the “best pizza” by Jesse Burgess, who runs the Topjaw channel on TikTok, Wareing replied: “This one is easy, but you’re not going to like the answer. Pizza Express. I know, I know.”


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He added: “I still eat the same pizza I was eating for the past 20 years, American Hot, I love it. Romana, a little bit of extra chilli, I love it. It’s got to be a Romana base. And you know, every time I go it’s cooked the same.”

The revelation sparked furious debate among London foodies.

One person was left horrified, writing: “He should hand back his stars!” Another added: “Pizza Express?! Yuck! Shocked that such a respected chef rates it.”

However, others were quick to endorse Wareing’s opinion.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pizza Express’s corporate TikTok account chipped in with the reply: “Yes, chef!”

“Love Pizza Express! Yes Wareing!”, another person wrote.

It is not the first time that Wareing has extolled the virtues of the ubiquitous pizza chain.

In 2012 he told Spear’s Magazine: “This may be a surprise but I am a regular at our local Pizza Express with our children and I think it is a fantastic business. I have tried other pizza restaurants but the service is lacking.”

He added: “When I go here I know what I am getting, how long it will take, the kids love it and it gives me a day off from cooking.”

Wareing owns three restaurants, including Marcus in Knightsbridge, which has received one Michelin star and five AA rosettes. His favourite pizza, the American Hot, costs £16.25.

A spokesman for Pizza Express said: “Our iconic American Hot has long been a favourite with customers and now a Michelin-star chef, too. There will always be a marble table with Marcus’s name on it at Pizza Express.”